Goody So Smooth 2-in-1 Brush/Comb


This is just a quick post to share a handy dandy little hair tool that I’ve had for several years, the Goody So Smooth 2-in-1 Brush/Comb. I unearthed it this past week by accident when I was looking for my rattail comb. I’ve been using it to smooth the edges of my pressed hair when wearing buns and ponytails and before tying it down at night (unfortunately, hand smoothing, even with product, never works too well for me). It’s a brush with one row of bristles and, within each bunch of bristles, there is a tooth comb. So, it’s like a comb nestled within a brush!

I picked this up from a Walmart several years ago and have also used it on my curly hair when I need to lightly smooth my edges. I love this brush/comb! Amazingly, it manages to smooth out the surface “hair lumps” that ruin a “sleek” look, without snagging or tearing my hair. I don’t use it to brush/comb through my entire head or try to get down to the roots when my hair is in its natural state. It really just allows me to get the surface of my hair smooth enough to look neat in a bun, ponytail or updo.

Unfortunately, Goody doesn’t make the So Smooth Brush/Comb anymore, so you can’t find it in stores. However, you know I wouldn’t tell you about this and then leave you hanging! I did a little searching and eBay has quite a few of these brushes on sale, if you’re interested. Being the hoarder that I am, I already ordered a back-up from eBay here ($7.17 w/free shipping). This seller has a “more than 10” available.

However, if you don’t get to this shop before it sells out, my search results here turned up several other listings for the handled version of this brush.

I did find one other seller of the full brush here. However, this item is for a lot of 6 brushes for $24.99. So, ya know, if you wanna hook up your friends, this may be the deal for you. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of back-ups!



 What do you use when you want smooth edges ?


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