Sally’s Getting Curly with It!


Yesterday on FB, Mekale wrote:

I am posting from Sally’s because I am so freaking excited. They are now carrying Curls, As I Am, Curls Unleashed (by ORS), Curl Care (by Dr. Miracle), and Beautiful Textures, which are all geared towards natural hair. I live in a small town and the two BSS here do not carry natural hair care products. I am doing a happy dance as I type.

So today, while Wei was getting a MANi *lol*, I decided to hit the Sally’s next door to use my 15% off coupon to pick-up a back-up Socialite (my new HG terry-lined shower cap that I told you about here). Of course, I couldn’t resist looking for Sally’s Natural CurlyLand line-up. And, sure enough, I found it!!

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(I wonder what the sales reps were thinking when I started snapping photos? I’m Lois Lane baby, I got a job to do!! *lol*)

NICE!! But, you will be so proud of me (or maybe not ;)), because I resisted my inner PJ and didn’t buy ANYTHING!! I’ve been wanting to try the As I Am Co-Wash since I first learned of it last summer. However, I have some other stuff in the cabinets that I haven’t even tried yet! So, I’m putting myself on a new products hiatus for the time being. But, you know I didn’t leave Sally’s empty-handed. Got my back-up shower cap, another dri-sweat headband, another Stay-On Satin Doo Tie style “bonnet” like worn on my braided style here) and four hand lotions (they were only .79, but then they were BOGO too! SCORE!). Yeah … I’m all about the “back-ups.”

Now … let’s see how long I can keep up this product hiatus with temptation right around the corner … LITERALLY (Sally’s is, like, three blocks from my house)!


Have you tried any of these lines or products? What are your favorites? Which ones get a pass?

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  1. Shelli! How could you! I am backing away from the computer now to go and make a Sally’s run!! I’ve been ‘itching’ to try the Curls Unleashed line…will report back later in the week #sigh.


    • Ivy, Mixed Silk is not labeled as Mixed Chicks, but it is definitely a “version” of it. Sally’s has carried GVPs (Generic Value Products) of many brand names lines for many years as well. But, these are the actual product lines … the Curls appears to be the store variety version of the line that is sold at Target and Harmon, not the salon version that is more expensive. I don’t think Sally’s has misrepresented the line they sold in any way. Mixed Silk is a knock-off like the GVPs and they never claimed it was Mixed Chicks. But, in regard to whether they are allowed to do that, the courts will have to decide on that. I do feel for the owners of Mixed Chicks though as they are a small business who now have to go up against a huge one with millions of dollars in resources. I just hope that they have the copyrights, patents, etc. needed to prevail, because, at the end of the day, I think that is what they are going to need to receive recompense.


  2. I recently did a post on my recent but not most recent purchase on As I Am product. I bought the deep conditioner which I absolutely love. I went back for ther leave in condish and coconut cowash, but I’m not too sure of them yet. I want to try the moisturizing butter from the Beautiful textures line.


  3. I stay away from Sally’s as much as possible, its just too tempting. I was at Marshalls today and was surprised to see they had Jane carter solution products and a couple carol’s daughter products.


  4. I am using the Beautiful Textures line. I was a die-hard Shea Moisture user, but decided to venture out and try it after seeing it’s debut online. My bff suggested it. It is just now hitting a majority of BSS, but I guess the one near me gets products first because I tried it early last month. I picked some up for us (she lives in a limited area). If you like the smell of candy, then you will love it. It is creamy and moisturizing. I alternate between it and the SM. I just cannot let go of the SM lol


  5. Bought As I am pudding cleanser and double butter cream moisture, used them friday. The cleanser is oh my god good just don’t over wash. The cream is fab did a twist out and it left my hair soft with hold and no flakes. If the double butter does twist this good I wonder with the twist cream is like..

    Great quality product. Oh yea, at this price (approx 25$ ea.) I will only buy if I can return so got them from Sallys. I am a convert for now.


  6. I use the As I Am Coconut Co-Wash. I love the way it feels onmy hair and the way it smells. I ordered two of the largest sizes from the company website. I use is along with homemade DC. Glad to see Sally’s is now more my speed. I stay away from the one near me because the last time I went in there, the curly product section was pathetic (don’t know if that was because everyone purchased the product or because that is simply the way it is.)

    I’ll make plans to stop by there again soon.

    Love this website!!!


  7. In January, Sally had a buy 2, get 1 free deal so I bought and tried a few As I Am products. The Coconut Co-wash is awesome. My hair felt clean and moisturized. The co wash has great slip, goes on easily and rinses cleanly. I also tried the Leave-In and was a bit skeptical because it isn’t as thick as conditioners I typically use. It was suprisingly moisturizing and I’ll continue to keep it in rotation. And last but not least, I purchased the Smoothing Gel. The suggested use for the gel is for smoothing edges (it does work for that purpose too lol), but I initially used it for a wash and go (used Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter as a moisturizer underneath) and LOVED the results. My hair was shiny, soft, and fluffy…no crunch or flakes at all.

    So far, so good with As I Am! It’s definitely a plus that I can get it locally.

    I doubt that I’ll try the other natural lines at Sally.


  8. How come the double butter cream of as i am is 27.99 online at Sally’s? but it’s much cheaper if you buy it at curlmart, its 15.50. That’s a big price difference, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out. But I will probably buy some sheamoisture curl smoothie from walgreens :).


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