I saw this video a couple of years ago and couldn’t stop laughing. Felt like sharing the fun.

Generally speaking, I don’t condone cursing on this blog. But this is just too funny to me *lol*.


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  1. PhaaaaaHaaaHa! This is not my first time seeing this YT vid, but each time I see it I die laughing. The little girl is sooo cute and she is serious about taking care of that monster, and she so innocent. I have been on the mother’s side plenty of times — trying so hard not to laugh and teach them (my kids) what is right instead.


    • Omgosh … I totally would have lost it if my kid said this and I preach not laughing when they are bad because it encourages it!! But, I wouldn’t have been able to heed my own advice in this situation!! It is far too funny!! I would have been like the mom, trying to hold it in, but unable to do so!!

      And you are right Tai, she is sooo brave! Like, she ain’t having none of that up in her house!! LMBO!!!


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