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Sci-Five Spotting


Okay, so three of the four members of the Sci-Five (the fourth being me), have started a comic book project called Epics. Each issue will be comprised of four 6 page stories, one done by each artist who will write, draw, ink, pencil and letter his story. Each issue will be premised upon a pre-determined theme. Now, the team behind Epics has debuted their WordPress blog, which will chronicle the evolution of this awesome concept. I’m so excited for my buddies as they are all sooo talented and amazing. So, I just had to share one of the cover concepts and hope that those of you interested in this type of thing will check their blog too!!


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I saw this video a couple of years ago and couldn’t stop laughing. Felt like sharing the fun.

Generally speaking, I don’t condone cursing on this blog. But this is just too funny to me *lol*.

Sally’s Getting Curly with It!


Yesterday on FB, Mekale wrote:

I am posting from Sally’s because I am so freaking excited. They are now carrying Curls, As I Am, Curls Unleashed (by ORS), Curl Care (by Dr. Miracle), and Beautiful Textures, which are all geared towards natural hair. I live in a small town and the two BSS here do not carry natural hair care products. I am doing a happy dance as I type.

So today, while Wei was getting a MANi *lol*, I decided to hit the Sally’s next door to use my 15% off coupon to pick-up a back-up Socialite (my new HG terry-lined shower cap that I told you about here). Of course, I couldn’t resist looking for Sally’s Natural CurlyLand line-up. And, sure enough, I found it!!

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(I wonder what the sales reps were thinking when I started snapping photos? I’m Lois Lane baby, I got a job to do!! *lol*)

NICE!! But, you will be so proud of me (or maybe not ;)), because I resisted my inner PJ and didn’t buy ANYTHING!! I’ve been wanting to try the As I Am Co-Wash since I first learned of it last summer. However, I have some other stuff in the cabinets that I haven’t even tried yet! So, I’m putting myself on a new products hiatus for the time being. But, you know I didn’t leave Sally’s empty-handed. Got my back-up shower cap, another dri-sweat headband, another Stay-On Satin Doo Tie style “bonnet” like worn on my braided style here) and four hand lotions (they were only .79, but then they were BOGO too! SCORE!). Yeah … I’m all about the “back-ups.”

Now … let’s see how long I can keep up this product hiatus with temptation right around the corner … LITERALLY (Sally’s is, like, three blocks from my house)!


Have you tried any of these lines or products? What are your favorites? Which ones get a pass?