Two Strand Twists


I really feel like doing some twists this weekend. I did those really haphazard twists about a week before I got my hair pressed, but want to do a nice set that will last for a week. I also really want to try the Sofn’Free Nothing But Mold & Hold Wax to see if it will help prevent my twists from unravelling at the ends.

Anywho, we’ll see if I’ll actually take the time to do them. I’m not making any promises. On another note, I was looking through my older picture files seeking inspiration for a post. Came across this pic of my twists from May 2011.

And these were the messy twists I did 2 weeks ago.

I wonder how long my twists will be a year from now?!


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  1. wow look at that. Great length retention. I’m doing twists too but guess what? I’m doing the rope twists! I’m so happy to have finally figured out how to do them. The few mini ones I did 3 days ago held up really nice. I’m going to try and do big ones using the same technique. Oh and get this, I believe I will TRIM! Yes I know. Shocking. Only plan to do it on the twists that have tiny strands at the end so things can look nice and plush. 🙂


  2. Awww, thanks guys.

    Michelle, yeah, that’s the Senegalese twist technique I used here (I linked a video tutorial, although it was on the technique with added braiding hair):

    I also use it on my roots when I want fluffier twists! When I did full twists, I was able to wear them for 10 days! So yeah, they definitely held better on my finer, looser curl. Hope that your full head set work out as well!

    Devon, lol! Thanks! I attribute it to protective and low manipulation styles, weekly oil pre-poo and DCs, exercising, eating well and lots of water. I’ve fallen off on the last three in the last month, so I need to get back on those!!


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