Hendigo No Go


Yeah, it’s time for a two step henna/indigo. I tried mixing my henna and indigo my last treatment to try and shortcut my normal process for getting my crown hair dark brown/black. Didn’t work out too well.

Look at my calico cat roots!

I probably had far more henna in the mix than indigo and my ratio should have been more indigo heavy. Regardless, I’m not even going to try a hendigo again. I’m just going to go with my normal two step process this weekend or the following. I will post a bulleted picture tutorial, for those of you interested in how I do this, in the coming week or so!


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  1. Yes PLEASE share your two-step process! I just got my henna and indigo from Henna Sooq and have been leary about doing it! Applying the indigo has me nervous, I want the hue from the henna but the grays are a striking orange!!! *me waiting patiently*


    • Michelle, henna is a lot more involved in indigo. It’s just that indigo is very gritty … doesn’t blend smooth like henna. So, it doesn’t go on as smoothly or rinse easily … gotta douse up with that conditioner. Make sure you have a full bottle of something cheap;)! I don’t think I’m doing it this weekend, but next since I want to evaluate how my hair responds to a normal wash day after being pressed.


  2. I actually kind of like the color, but I understand what you mean. The position is a little awkward. I usually mix my henna/indigo 50/50 and have gotten a very dark brown out of it.


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