Freaky Friday Anyone?


2/23/12: So, this is a post I did back in June of 2011, when Hairscapades “debuted.” Now that there are so many more of you, I figured I’d dust if off and sticky it to the front page to see who else will play along :).


You love your hair, you know your hair, you’d never give up your hair. Buuuuuuutttt, wouldn’t it be cool if you could trade with someone for a week or two? No matter how much we love our hair, we all probably have that one person with whom we’d love to trade hair for one week.

If you could trade hair with one person, any person (your neighbor, your best friend’s 5 year old daughter, a YouTube or Fotki maven or an A-list celeb) for one week, who would you chose and why?

Yeah, this shot of Corinne Bailey Rae and her lush, defined locks had me drooling (twist out?). I’d trade with her in a minute. My hair is so fine, I’d love to have her thick, full, fluffy and defined hair for a week to see what kind of styles I could accomplish=).

Whaddaya think?!?!


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  1. Yeah, Shelli… your hair drew me into the GOC and! Definitely some good stuff. I’ve only been on the site for like a week and I’ve learned so much.

    I’d say my hair “idol” is Curly Nikki. I absolutely adore her curls. The definition, the length, the fullness and health of her hair is remarkable.


    • Awww, thanks Rece. I adore Nikki’s hair … she is my hair idol too! She’s the gold standard=). But her hair is so close to my own that I can actually emulate her=). So, if I could trade with someone for a week, I would want to do it with someone with completely different hair from mine=)!


      • That makes sense. I haven’t gotten to the point of emulating her style yet, so until then… she’s my hair “idol” LOL

        Ooohhhh… I just thought… Jill Scott’s hair looks nice. (Is that her real hair?) I love it! She’s another one I always drool over when I see her hair. LOL


  2. I actually have two hair idols. You, of course, because you demonstrate a variety of hair styles, and a girl who was featured on curlynikki named Cheyenne. I LOVE her hair. Her’s is really thick, like mine, and I love the wild curly look.


  3. ohemgee.. i literally laughed out loud when i saw your cut and paste. I totally understand you wanting to trade hair with her for a week tho; Corrine’s hair IS gorgeous. But so is yours.
    I personally wish i could trade hair with HairCrush on Youtube; she has a beautiful head of hair. &her twistouts are the BOMBdotCOM #imjustsayin


  4. I would have to say Tracey Ellis Ross! It’s thick, curly, frizzy, and huge! Such versatility! Shelli, I would want your length for a week! oh…and your arsenal of hair products/accessories! : )


  5. Shelli that cut and paste photo took me by complete surprise, I burst out lauging in my office! I love your hair, but our pattern is so different it feels unrealistic for me to want to trade… I might not want to give it back! šŸ˜¦

    I would probably have to say, I may want to trade with HairCrush for a day. Her hair is so thick and lovely, it’s almost like a curtain around her. I also remember reading somewhere that she doesn’t have to worry about shrinkage as much as some of us do. What I would do for that attribute!


  6. Okay first I would like to say weird does not describe this, freaky is right. LOL!!!!! Shelli, ever since I have discovered your blog, you have been my hair idol and not because of the way your hair looks but because of all the information you have provided us on what works for your hair. Yeah, I know lots of others have info, but yours just seems to be personal, like some one who would be talking to you like a friend and not some textbook mumbo jumbo.


  7. I certainly have grown to love my hair more and more, but if it was possible to trade for a week I would choose my daughter’s hair and Naptural85, because of the length and thickness both of them have.


  8. lmao! you are too funny, this actually makes you look a bit like Diana Ross. if I could trade, I’d probably go with longhairdontcare2011 on youtube or Napptural85.


  9. Shelli you are too funny! My hair is fine (not as fine as yours girl). I absolutely love big hair. I would want a combination of Chaka Khan, Diana Ross weave (circa Central Park 1983) and Leobody on Youtube. The hair wouldn’t last a week on my head. I would have chronic hands in hair and be bald by the middle of the week!


  10. If I could have chosen more than one, Hair Crush and Naptural85 definitely would have been next!! I lust after their heads of hair too!! OMGosh … just hair porn!!

    Alych … I don’t know the first two, so thanks for probably making me lust after more heads of hair. I LOVE Mwedzi’s hair! I discovered her Fotkia via CurlyNikki 2 years ago … her twists are so frickin’ lush and gorgeous!!

    Rhonda and Sheena, thank you ladies!! You are both too kind:)!!

    Miche’al, thank you so, so much. That means a lot to me!! I hope that I can continue to deliver that type of blog:).

    Erica, hilarious!! I think I would do the same if I had Hair Crush’s hair!!

    Thank you all for all the comments! I love it!! Great choices all!! Oh, and you know I was trying to crack you all up!! I was going to lead with the cut and paste pic, but then thought, the shock would be reading the post and then scrolling to see it! LOL!!


  11. LOL! Shelli, I think we both have hair envy. I love Corinne’s hair and Laura Izabor’s hair. They’re a little different, but I sit and fantasize about thick curly coiled locks that sit out full and away from my face.


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