Flaxseed Gel (FSG)


Early in my discovery of this little online natural hair community, I came across the acronym FSG on a thread on naturallycurly.com. I think I was in search of something to enhance my curls. Anywho, it took a little digging, but I learned that FSG stands for flaxseed gel, a natural and nourishing alternative to commercial gels.

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Flaxseed oil, derived from the seeds of the flax plant, is rich in essential fatty acids, which can be beneficial to your health in a number of ways. In addition to helping with skin disease, cholesterol and digestive problems, flaxseed oil may also assist with hair growth and the replenishment of brittle hair or dry scalp. While evidence supports the use of flaxseed oil to promote healthy hair, there is no solid proof of its effectiveness.

Why Flaxseed Oil Helps Hair

One of the reasons flaxseed oil can promote hair health is because it is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are known to support scalp health, while a deficiency can result in dry scalp and dull hair, says Jim White, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, according to “Men’s Health.”

Flax seeds also contain lignans, disease-fighting compounds that may help fight hair loss. But because lignans are found in the shell, whole seeds are a better source than oil.

As an alternative to the oil discussed primarily in the article, you can also make a natural hair gel by boiling flaxseeds and straining them to use the resultant “goop.” To further enhance the beneficial effects of this little DIY gel, you can add essential and carrier oils and/or aloe vera gel and, if you want to enhance your curls, try adding a small amount of  MSG/Magnesium Sulfate (i.e. Epsom salts). However, you’ll want to be careful with this last additive as it can be drying for some, especially if too much is used.

Want to see how it’s made? Naptural85 demonstrates her flaxseed gel recipe and techniques in this tutorial.

via Naptural85 

Not much of a DIYer, but love the idea of a natural gel? Check out this naturallycurly.com thread that piqued my interest in 2010 and led me to the highly sought after FSG made by Botticelli Babe, which spawned her Esty shop, Botticelli Botanicals.

As to my experience with flaxseed gel? Well, I tried making it one time in the fall of 2010 with flaxseeds I already had in my fridge. I think that I boiled the seeds for too long as the gel was very thick and a little hard to distribute. I never revisited making it again … but out of sheer laziness. However, I’ve read so many good things about it that I’ve been thinking about trying it again in late spring/summer for my WnGs.


Do you use or have you tried FSG? What is/was your experience with it? What’s your recipe?


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  1. I LOVE FLAXSEED GEL!!! I have been using the same recipe listed above and i will tell you , it gives the best hold! i will never go back to any other gel. I add agave nectar to mine and it last a month. I also freeze a batch every time i makes some, thaw it out when i finish my first batch.


  2. Flaxseed gel is great! I followed Naptural85s recipe when I made. Why haven’t I made it recently, or at least added it to my regimen? I’ve just been lazy. As much as I’m starting not to like my Eco Styler gel anymore, I really need to go ahead and whip up a batch of the flaxseed gel.


  3. I was super interested in making my own flax seed gel for a while but since I live in a dorm room… it just doesn’t seem practical. I bought a couple of gels recently that rely on flax seeds fairly high up on the ingredient list so I’m seeing how I like it and how it affects my hair. So far, so good! Although I think it’s awesome that you can make a natural gel like that, I’m curious as to how the topical benefits compare with the internal benefits.


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