What You’ve All Been Waiting For …


LOL! Yeah, I know that many of you may have been wondering what my engagement ring looks like. As he told you here, Wei proposed to me with a ring given to him by his grandmother via his great aunt. It’s a simple and classic solitaire on a slender 14K gold band. When I think of what it took for an African-American male in the south in the early 1900s to save his money to purchase an engagement ring like this for his fiancé … there just aren’t words for how special it makes me feel to be able to wear this symbol of love and perseverance.

I love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it twinkling brightly at me … even despite the piece of thick tape currently wrapped around the band. *lol* You see, Wei’s grandmother told him that it was a 6 1/2 and, since that is my shoe size, he expected it to fit. He was truly distraught when he realized that it didn’t. Imagine how funny it was when we went to a local jeweler looking for a ring guard on Friday, only to discover that it is a size 8 and my ringer finger a 5 1/2. Well, the jeweler didn’t have a guard to fit and I wasn’t leaving my ring there while we travelled to DC for the meet-up. So, it stayed in my purse for the majority of the weekend. I pulled it out and jerry-rigged it with some tape (no, not duct! ;)) so that I could wear it today.

I hope to make it to the jeweler tomorrow so that it can be re-sized and I can wear it with the confidence that it will stay where it belongs! Until then, I’m keeping my eye on it and feeling my heart swell with joy every time I think about spending the rest of my life with the love of it.


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  1. I Love it and I love the fact that you are proud to wear it. You wear it well. Be Blessed and I look forward to following you on your journey to wedded bliss. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing,



  2. Tears…since History is one of the subjects I teach, it was definitely a feat on so any fronts to afford such a gem. What a blessing to have a unique piece of history. Simple and sweet.


    • Michelle, you are a mess! LOL! But, you know, I’m good:). I’ve seen a lot of big and shiny rings (because of course I’m noticing them now! LOL!), and I feel like this suits me and my size:). And, you read what Wei said about diamonds;).


  3. Thank you for sharing…that’s a great story. I’m anxious for you to get it sized. lol

    Although I don’t know you personally, you seem to have such a sweet spirit and personality and I am sincerely happy for you and wish you both well!


      • Awwww, thanks ladies:)!! And although we might not have met in person, I think we grow to know a little about each other through this little universe … though, ya know, y’all know a lot more about me than I know about you;)! So, get to commenting and sharing;)!! LOL!! Jk:). I thank you guys for hanging out with me and supporting the blog and for being so happy for me! That really means a lot to me:)!!


  4. Gorgeous! I love the significance behind the ring and it was so thoughful of your fiance to give it to you! It must be love! Congrats and God Bless the both of you and your future nuptials!


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