The Breakfast Bunch


Okay, okay, okay, I know. I’ve been on a real non-hair related kick today. But, I ended up watching this episode of Victorious today and I am still laughing my butt off. It’s sheer brilliance and soooo over the heads of its audience. However, if you are a huge fan of The Breakfast Club like me, this is a must see! If not, just call this one a loss and move along ;).

*sobbing* “You’re so conceited Tory … you’re so conceited.”


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  1. Oh my gosh. Are they allowed to show this? I bet those kids didn’t get anything. Wanted them to do the scene where the principal is all “Haga Naga”! I really, really want a taco now.


  2. I have seen this and it is hilarious. Let me tell you Shelli, when you have children you guys are going to get along perfect because you can watch the same shows and enjoy each other’s company. I look at all my daughter’s crazy shows. It beats looking at all that reality trash!!


    • Tai, I know, right?!?! I was like, “Doh!!!” LOL!! And you are silly!!! “I really, really want a taco now.” LMBO!!

      Miche’al, EXACTLY!! I don’t watch all of these shows and have only watched Victorious a couple of times, but you are sooo right. They beat all that reality mess any day of the week for me!


  3. OMG!!! I’ve seen this at least 10 times. My 8yo daughter has this saved to the DVR. We actually watched it yesterday. I love Victorious! I think I know most of the songs on the show.


  4. I love Victorious. Its like the only thing on Nickelodeon thats good and funny. Hopefully its comes on tv again so me and my suitemates can watch it.


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