One Year of Natural Awesomeness


by Candice of The Frizzness

I’m so excited that I’ve reached one year of natural awesomeness, lol! Going natural is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life!

The best part? My curls are quirky and don’t fit in … just like ME. Oh, and it’s pretty easy. And I get to wear all kinds of funky hair candy. And it’s a conversation piece. And I get to be ME. And … well, you get the point.  🙂

The worst? I always have to keep it on point because someone is always grabbing at my spirals, ha ha!

Really, I do love it though. I finally found my way. Thank you for so much inspiration … your blog is an absolute blast!!!!

natural dancer~


Awwww, thanks Candice!!

So, is anyone else out there hitting their one year anniversary fully natural? How do you feel a year later?

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  1. I’m only 5 months (transitioning) but I LOVE hearing others’ stories and seeing key milestones like this. Beautiful hair! Congrats on one year! I can’t wait until I’m there!


  2. I will be one year at the end of March. While I’m glad I made the choice to go natural (I wish I’d done it sooner), I don’t think I’m allowing myself to enjoy the experience because I’m focused on length. Now, my hair is definitely growing but I really like chin length or longer hair and with the shrinkiness that is natural hair, it’s taking forever to get there. My hair is longer than chin length pressed, but that doesn’t matter to me because, primarily, I wear it curly. I want my curly bob! lol


  3. Thank you, ladies!!! I’d definitely say my curls are frizzier in the front than the back, but pretty much the same. And the hair candy came from a random dollar store here in Dallas that my mom picked up & gave to me. I love it!


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