Mermaid Braid


Earlier this week, Tai was an enabler and shared several video tutorials with me on the post, Step Away from the Hair. The simplest of the styles, though it looked complicated, was the mermaid braid.

Simple and pretty! Just how I like it! So, I decided to give it a whirl.

It was okay, but I think it could definitely stand to be a little messier to get that mermaid, tousled in the water and seaweed effect! LOL! I actually think my hair is a little too straight for this style right now and could use some, “texturizing.”

That being said, I’m so conflicted! My hair has held up wonderfully (of course, when I’m being lazy and not exercising, I’m not surprised … *womp womp*). But, I have the meet-up this weekend and feel like it should be in a somewhat curly state for the event!! I was contemplating setting it on flexi-rods tonight and spritzing lightly to try to get a curlier set. What do you guys think? Should I do that? Just wear it as is? Do a TnC (though that might be challenging given that we have to travel today and set-up for the 1 pm meet-up tomorrow morning)? WnG (not as challenging as a TnC as I don’t have to worry as much about dry time, but still would have to get a pre-poo and DC in, as well as make my kimmaytube leave-in)?


So, what say ye? How do you think I should wear my hair to the meet-up?!?! Aggghhhh!!!


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  1. Hey Shelli! I think you should wear your hair as is. It’s beautiful and healthy straight or curly. You won’t be able to please everyone so do what you want and have time to do. Enjoy the meet-up.


    • Spot on Heather!!! I think people will be happy to see you regardless of what y=style you have in your hair. Heck, I imagine if you turned up in the the middle of a DC people woul dbe happy!!!
      Also being the frugal person i am I totally agree with shorty. You are clearly enjoying your hair as is so let it be.
      Enjoy yourselves!!!!!


  2. Shelli, whether your hair is curly or straight, it is still your gorgeous head of healthy, natural hair. Wear it confidently as it! Your beautiful, don’t be swayed by the perceived expectations of others.


  3. Mwahahahahaha! *cough*

    Me likey! But I agree, more texture would be awesome. Also, maybe… doing a regular braid on the remaining ends of hair to get the more blended look.. O! and maybe a braided headband sort of thing too going into the braid! Thank you so much for trying this style!

    As far as future hair goes… You gotta do you! ❤ I'm sure people will love it no matter what you decide ❤


  4. LMBO @ Tai and her evil laugh with the cough at the end!! LOL!!

    Awwww, thank you all for being so sweet!! It means so much to me to read kind words like, “We love YOU!” I’m very nervous for tomorrow, so I hope that all goes well and everyone has fun. And, because, I’m exhausted, I just put it in a bun with some Goody Spin Pins! I started trying to pin-curl it, but just wasn’t feeling up to it. So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow! Thank you again.

    Oh, and shorty and Leslie … you guys were reading my mind!!! For $65, I was like, if I can get more days out of this, I don’t know if my cheap butt is willing to wash it away in the sink!! LOL!! Also, I thought, I am partly doing this as a “wrap-up” for the GOC and this kind of goes with that theme, right:)? Final length check and all:)!

    Well, thank you all again!!! You made me feel better and, hopefully, most of the ladies will feel the same as most of you!!

    Stay tuned for post event pictures:)!!


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