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From the bottom of our hearts!!

Your kind words and well-wishes are truly appreciated and kept me smiling all the more widely yesterday evening!! As you can imagine, it was a little crazy with all the calls that had to be made:). Then, I passed out as I was exhausted! Wei proposed in the morning, before I had to leave for my Trenton office!! I was in meetings for the majority of the day and was exhausted by the time I got home and made all the announcements;). So, this is it for today! Might have something for you all later tonight, because I have a lot of GREAT stuff “in the crates.” Stay tuned … and thanks again!!

HatSome Lined Hat


Just a quick post to show you guys the HatSome hat that I ordered this past December. The weather and my hairstyles (twists and updos) hadn’t really been right to pull out this chapeaux until now! I really like this item! It was only $24.99 and I had a 10% discount code, so it was $22.50. It fits well and is of a very nice quality: 100% wool lined in 100% silk. It is exactly what I wanted and expected.

They don’t show the linings on the site, which I think would be beneficial.

However, I did have a couple of problems with the service. First, I ordered two hats. Four days later, I received an e-mail that the other hat that I wanted was not available in the requested color (black). So, I was asked did I want to cancel the order or change the order to one of the available colors. I was annoyed because I can’t stand something being listed that wasn’t available and the fact that it took four days to tell me this was too long in my opinion. But, I requested the red hat instead since it would still match my coat.

It took about a week for my order to arrive and I open it to find … ONE hat?! And, not only that, the invoice shows the full charge amount. So, I e-mail HatSome to advise them of the issue. I wait about a week to see if the other hat will arrive separately and/or a reply e-mail with an explanation is forthcoming. Neither happen!

Therefore, a week later I go to their website and write them to express my dissatisfaction with the failure to replace my item, the charge when no item was shipped and then the lack of responsiveness to my request and inquiries. At that point I received this reply e-mail.

We agree that this is completely unacceptable. We have been experiencing some operations challenges. Nonetheless, our value customers should not bear the brunt of that. For that we genuinely apologize.

To your order, given the lapse in time, we are arranging for a refund of the undelivered hat. Please look for a PayPal notification shortly advising you of this.

We know that we have handled this order horribly and again we apologize. Should you have any further questions, please let us know.

My money was immediately refunded after that, but I was still displeased that a replacement or some type of future credit was not offered given how this was handled. Whatever …

All that being said, I really do like my hat and my sister ordered from them with no problems. I’ve also read reviews from a few others who also received prompt service and didn’t experience the issues that I did. Therefore, I’ll write this off as an anomaly … I got a refund, so no harm, no foul (though I still don’t have a hat that matches my cape jacket :(). And, I’ll tell you that HatSome’s winter clearance sale started this week! Hats that were normally about $31-$32 are now around $22! So, if you want to give them a go, now might be the time as spring is around the corner!


 Have you ordered from HatSome? How do you like their hats? What was your service experience?