My Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Lined


Tips and Tricks Number Seventeen

Now, I know that the steam from the shower is the friend of many a WnG type of gal. However, when you are rocking a TnC, a sleek bun, a smooth updo, a press and curl or what have you, humidity can feel more like the enemy and the shower cap your first line of defense! That’s not just me, right??

Well, unfortunately my first line of defense has failed me for most of my life. For years I searched for a shower cap that REALLY sealed out steam and water. My hair has always *POOFED* at the slightest hint of humidity (think Izzy’s Got the Frizzies, but not as cute!). And maybe I just don’t shower right, but my edges ALWAYS seem to get wet, even when I tie a scarf around them, wear a satin bonnet, don one or two plastic baggies and THEN add a shower cap with a thick headband around the edges to “seal” it. Are you frickin’ kidding me?!?

So, a few months ago, I shared a post by another blogger about shower caps (read it here). She had discovered a company, Celestial Soul, that sells shower “crowns” in sizes ranging from mini (for the TWA) to Extra Large (for the BAA). On that post, I talked about my personal struggles with shower caps always falling short. Up until that point, I’d had the most success with this $6.95 Betty Dain Fashionista shower cap that I found at Harmon for $6.95 (it’s also available at Sally’s and Amazon).

It was roomy enough for my banana clip bun or pineappled TnC and the two elastic bands seemed to provide a double barrier against shower steam. However, wet edges were still inevitable. Then, someone commented:

I have always had the exact same issue with shower caps. Fed up, I did some intense googling a couple months ago and finally came to the conclusion that I needed a terry lined cap … I found one at CVS for $4 and, believe it or not, that is the answer! It’s plenty big (I have a LOT of hair); I can even keep my hair clipped on top of my head. Somehow the terry cloth absorbs any moisture before it gets to your hairline. Try it! I promise, that’s the trick.

So, about a month or so ago, I finally got around to taking the advice and picked up the Betty Dain Socialite terry-lined shower cap shown far above (don’t you just love an animal print? Grrrrrr! ;)). The cap is lined in a soft, cream terry cloth material.

 O … M … G!!! Where have you been all of my life Socialite?!?! I finally found my holy grail shower cap!! I’ve been using this cap for over a month now and it has proven itself over and over again. I just pop this baby over my satin scarf and/or bonnet and it keeps my edges smooth and dry, even when I linger in the shower a little too long or accidentally allow the water to cascade down the nape of my neck!! The proof is in the pudding. I got my hair pressed this past Friday, haven’t used any heat since and my “do” is even sleeker than it was when it was first flat-ironed!

Final Tip:
Oh, and when my natural hair is a little too big to allow this cap to cover my edges, I figured out another way to utilize terry cloth to preserve my style. I just grab the Turbie Twist Hair Towel, secure it over my bonnet and then pop on the larger Fashionista shower cap! This combo works as well as the terry-lined cap to absorb the steam and water so that my edges stay dry and my style stays frizz free (well, you know, relatively speaking ;))!


Do you use a shower cap? If so, what kind works for you?


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  1. I have the terrycloth lined shower cap too. I have to wear either my bonnet or my scarf underneath first, because sometimes I get lint that’s left from the terrycloth on my hair.


    • I have a wonderful shower-cap, the best part is it’s adjustable and I can throw it in the washer. You have to to try it! It’s called showereez, I ordered mines off of amazon, i think their site is
      Let me know what you think… All of my friends and family have them


  2. I go through at least three shower caps a year. I buy these shower caps from the beauty supply store and I consider them cheaply made because of the weak elastic. Thanks for posting and reminding me to pick up a quality shower cap today.


    • Marsha, I wear my bonnet just for the normal reasons, don’t want the terry to absorb the moisture from my hair or to rub it and create friction/frizz. Works well!

      Elise, happy to help;)!! Those plastic caps from the beauty supply SUCK now! They barely have any elastic! I keep trying to find the old kind that had the “lip” around the edge sticking out from the elastic and can’t find them anywhere anymore! I hate those little cheapies for DC’ing even! I have to clip them to make certain no air gets in! There is NO way they would work for my shower!


    • Superstahr, thnak you!!! I don’t have any tutorials as this is the first time I’ve worn my hair straight in about 15 months. Buuuut, check out Lilith Moon and LetsMakeItUp1 on YouTube. They aren’t Black, but I love their simple and quick updos! They both have a TON of videos, so I’m sure you can find several styles that you’d love!!


    • It yours lined with Terry Michelle? There aren’t any Duane Reade’s around here … I see them in NY, but not NJ. We have everything else though!!! CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, etc.


  3. I am so excited to find this and try it out. I have been wearing my hair straight for 2 weeks and struggled to keep it from getting wet in the shower. It will be back to curly for this weekend’s meet-up but I would still love something to help me with maintaining styles.


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    • No, I don’t wash it. But, it definitely can start to smell if not allowed to dry thoroughly after each use. I usually find that happens to me when I packed it for trips right after showering, so it’s in the suitcase for several hours to a day damp. So, I try to let it air dry before packing.


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