The Cross-Wrap


I’ve never been able to successfully wrap my hair all the way around my head. Inevitably, it just falls down, I end up with creases, I don’t know what to do with that center piece and the hair all ends up bending to one side looking stupid! But, a couple of months ago, I came across this video by the texlaxed Ms. Kibibi who seems to have maintaining straight hair down. She demonstrates a different wrapping technique that she called the “cross wrap.” I even have a mesh heaband with velcro from Sally’s similar to the one she uses at the end of the video! Check out her technique.

by mskibibi

Hmmmm, a bun may still be easier though.


Have you ever cross-wrapped? Did it work for you? If not, how do you prep your straightened hair at night to maintain it?


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  1. I’ve tried cross wrapping but it doesn’t work for me so I just switch up the directions so that I don’t do it the same way each time, putting stress on the hair. I have trouble keeping my hair up too before i wrap it all the way around so I started using bobby pins. Just three usually one by each ear and in the back and and then once I have my scarf loosely on I remove the pins and tie it down tight. That’s worked for me and then when I take it down in the morning it’s like the ends are bumped under.


  2. I’ve tried cross wrapping and still prefer either the regular hair wrap or my method which is simple. Let’s call it the Straight Pineapple LOL! I bend my head over and gather my hair into one very high ponytail making sure the ponytail isn’t TOO tight (using Goody elastic hair band),divide ponytail into three sections lightly moisturizing each section before rolling, roll each section with hair roller of your choice I use 3 large rollers, and lastly put on my night scarf. In the morning I release each roller, take out the Goody rubber band, get wide tooth comb and gently comb hair to your liking. You don’t have to moisturize each night. When I do use a moisturizer I use a little bit of infusium 23 and smudge of Aveda-Humectant Pomade or Ojon hair oil. I’ve been doing this since I was a youngster and this works very well for me.


  3. I have a hard time wrapping mine too. I’ve never heard of the cross wrap but I think I may try it. I usually sleep with two blue or red flexi rods if I want to keep my hair super straight and purple flexi rods if I want more of a layered look.


  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies! Elise and Terysa, I’m digging the ponytail with with rollers and just a couple of flexi rod ideas!! I’ve just been bunning it the last couple of days and it is working well though, with very little effort. So, knowing me, that’s what I stick with as I’m up to midnight on this computer every night anyway!! So, a bun is still the easiest!! LOL!!

    Oh, and this is the thing …. so wrapping requires me to comb or brush my hair. And even straight, I don’t use a comb or brush! I just use my fingers and keep it moving!! LOL!


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