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Okay, so really, really having a problem with HIH Syndrome y’all. I guess it’s the novelty of having my hair straight, but I keep putting it up, taking it down, putting it up, taking it down. It’s really out of control. As I type, I do have it bunned with some Goody Spin Pins and wrapped in my silk scarf. But, not before I played around in it first. Hope that I’ll be able to replicate the last little updo shown below for work today!

But first, here I was playing around on Sunday night with a French roll and my hair fork to make a faux short haircut with a long “bang!” I’m kind of afraid to wear this all day for fear of getting a big ol’ goose egg pimple on my “generous” forehead. Don’t deny it … I was given the nickname forehead in school *smh*. Bangs never did a sister good back then. But, it was fun to play around with for a few minutes :).

So then, Monday night after work, I messed around with it some more. I KNOW! Ummm, it was work for the blog … yeah, that’s the ticket!! *lol* Anywho, I made a deep side part, swooped a “bang” and rolled the sides to the left side of my neck, securing with bobby pins. I let the remaining hair hang loose in a curly “tail” over my shoulder and then adorned with three of my dollar store fabric flowers.

And lastly, I pinned the “tail” up in three big, loose pin-curls to make an updo that I think was inspired by watching this video the day before!

As I didn’t do a braid (though I want to try it!) and only pinned the loose hair in three sections, this took all of 5 minutes to do. I had to remove the flowers to set the hair into the messy pin-curls. Then, I pinned the flowers where I thought they looked nice.

So yeah, got an issue here and I don’t see a cure in sight in the immediate future! I guess, because I know that it won’t be straight for long and it’ll be quite a while before I get it pressed again, I can’t help myself!


If you suffer from HIH Syndrome, when is it at its worst?


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  1. Okay, I recant all those promises I made last night. I love! I believe up-dos are your forte. You definitely have “skills”.


    • @Rhonda, LOL!! I do love a good updo:)!! That’s a big part of my desire for longer hair now!!! It’s really not about showing the length, it’s about being able to do even cooler, more intricate looking updos :)!!

      @Katina, thank you!! I’m often hoping for a laugh :)!

      @SIMY, thank you! But, the HIH needs to stop … I know better about excessive manipulation! But, I really am having a hard time stopping myself! It must be something I’m going through right now as I was fighting HIH last Thursday as I wanted to experiment with a different bun.

      Sad thing is, I was running out the door this morning, so did a simple bun! I ended up coming up with these styles at night, but not having time to do them in the morning! Pathetic! LOL!


  2. Great minds think alike! I was tempted to cute long fringes but remembered when I was a teenager how I would get the itches. I love the hairstyles now I gotta go and copy one of them for work πŸ˜‰


    • Elise, they have these faux bangs that you can get from Sally’s! They aren’t that cheap, I got my bang on sale a few years ago. I pulled it out yesterday, but it’s took dark for my hair now, since I’ve been using henna instead of dyeing it black! It’s 1 and I need 1B now. But, anyway, here it is. Oh snap! It’s only $6.99 online!! Oh wait, this might be only this color! But this might match my henna!!,default,pd.html

      Anywho, it’s made of human hair and can be curled. Great way to wear bangs without actually having to cut them into your own hair:)!!


    • LOL!!! Tai, you are wrong! I love that first style … I’ve seen the bow many times because it seems to sit at the top of my YouTube on my iPhone. But, that’s not really my style. Love the mermaid braid and may attempt that one. The last one I’ve seen a photo of on a blonde for months and found a different video on it a while ago. However, the problem with that one is it seems you need someone else to do it for you. Lilith Moon got requests for it and advised the same. But, again, that first one, love it. I just hate using hair elastics, so wonder if I could get it to hold with bobby pins?


      • Hmm… I don’t know if it could be done without an elastic…. I wonder if maybe you did a large sort of loose twist you could tuck that in and then try and get it to stay with bobby pins? I dunno, that is a tricky project right there….


  3. Love it!! Thanks for the straight her styling ideas! Last time I straightened my hair I didn’t know what to do with it and quickly grew bored. Now I have a few gorgeous styles for my arsenal! Thanks for sharing, Shelli! πŸ™‚


    • Lauren, I keep trying to reply on your blog, but it won’t accept my WordPress “credentials” or I get a flash of the “Captcha” and it disappears so that I can’t enter and submit it. This happened last week and is still happening today.

      Anyway, I was trying to respond to your question on your porosity post. Tameeka is the curly hair stylist who told me about products affecting drying time. She is the one in NY at Christos Fifth Avenue.


  4. What forehead??? You look fine! I really like the second style with the flowers. Pressed hair really looks good on you. You know when people get their hair straightened they look funny with this big old head that was hidden behind the curls but you look nice !


    • Hey Michelle, yeah girl. I posted another video of hers back a while ago. I was attempting a cute style, but it didn’t work out. It was a post I did about simple and quick protective styles:). I was just watching that Vintage Bohemian updo on Sunday!! LOL! Thanks lady!!


      • Isn’t it funny how we can recreate styles that white girls do and they come out different yet still pretty? that’s one thing that ladies of all colors have in common. We love styling our hair LOL


  5. Shelli,

    Ms. Kibibi has a tut and a few articles illustrating how to sport a faux bang to make it blend more naturally with your natural hair in case anyone is interested.


    • Yeah, I know;). She thinned hers and flat-ironed it too, if I remember correctly. I don’t think that she liked how it turned out when she did that though. I’ve worn mine without making any alterations to it and no one had a clue. I may go try to pick up one in 1B to see if I can rock it while my hair is straight. I wonder if I set it in twists if I could get a wavy bang for a twist-out??


  6. Shelli,

    Knowing you, I’m sure whatever modifications you decide to do to your faux bang will look like the “real” thing once your finished with it. Be sure to post pics if you go this route. BUT, I must say that I really like your hair and styling just the way it is …. no need to add anything when you have such flawlessness growing from your scalp. Just sayin’!


  7. I love the styles you have done, they all look very nice! Also I wouldn’t feel to upset about no one seeing the styles you have come up with at work, because thousands of people have seen it on the internet. I know you probably have thought about this already but, you can always get a roller set and sit under the dryer so the fun doesn’t have to end.


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