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The Cross-Wrap


I’ve never been able to successfully wrap my hair all the way around my head. Inevitably, it just falls down, I end up with creases, I don’t know what to do with that center piece and the hair all ends up bending to one side looking stupid! But, a couple of months ago, I came across this video by the texlaxed Ms. Kibibi who seems to have maintaining straight hair down. She demonstrates a different wrapping technique that she called the “cross wrap.” I even have a mesh heaband with velcro from Sally’s similar to the one she uses at the end of the video! Check out her technique.

by mskibibi

Hmmmm, a bun may still be easier though.


Have you ever cross-wrapped? Did it work for you? If not, how do you prep your straightened hair at night to maintain it?


Mickey’s Final GOC Update


Mickey (Seventh Wave) 

Sheesh! Didn’t realize that I didn’t update for December! Been very busy…. I finished my MHA degree YAYY ME!!! So I have been rocking braid and curls and mini twists and bunning. Haven’t really done much to my hair. I have found my new staple shampoo and conditioner!!! Cream of Nature Argan Oil!!! It works great for me and its sulfate free!!! I wash every week and style :). I think I am almost to my goal of mid back length hair!!!! I think I will continue on to the next GOC. By then, I believe I will have met my hair growth goal!!!



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Step Away from the Hair


Okay, so really, really having a problem with HIH Syndrome y’all. I guess it’s the novelty of having my hair straight, but I keep putting it up, taking it down, putting it up, taking it down. It’s really out of control. As I type, I do have it bunned with some Goody Spin Pins and wrapped in my silk scarf. But, not before I played around in it first. Hope that I’ll be able to replicate the last little updo shown below for work today!

But first, here I was playing around on Sunday night with a French roll and my hair fork to make a faux short haircut with a long “bang!” I’m kind of afraid to wear this all day for fear of getting a big ol’ goose egg pimple on my “generous” forehead. Don’t deny it … I was given the nickname forehead in school *smh*. Bangs never did a sister good back then. But, it was fun to play around with for a few minutes :).

So then, Monday night after work, I messed around with it some more. I KNOW! Ummm, it was work for the blog … yeah, that’s the ticket!! *lol* Anywho, I made a deep side part, swooped a “bang” and rolled the sides to the left side of my neck, securing with bobby pins. I let the remaining hair hang loose in a curly “tail” over my shoulder and then adorned with three of my dollar store fabric flowers.

And lastly, I pinned the “tail” up in three big, loose pin-curls to make an updo that I think was inspired by watching this video the day before!

As I didn’t do a braid (though I want to try it!) and only pinned the loose hair in three sections, this took all of 5 minutes to do. I had to remove the flowers to set the hair into the messy pin-curls. Then, I pinned the flowers where I thought they looked nice.

So yeah, got an issue here and I don’t see a cure in sight in the immediate future! I guess, because I know that it won’t be straight for long and it’ll be quite a while before I get it pressed again, I can’t help myself!


If you suffer from HIH Syndrome, when is it at its worst?