Mershauna’s Final GOC Update


by Mershauna (First Wave) of The Dancing Optimist

My bangs have grown all the way down to my chest. The front is now fully bra strap length and I believe the back is mid-back length (MBL). My hair has been very moisturized since I’ve added my leave-in back into my regimen and I also added rosemary and grapefruit oil. I mix that in an oil blend and it keeps my hair sealed and moisturized. I also use it as a pre-poo. I plan on dusting my ends in February and flat-ironing and trimming in March for my birthday. I hope to be closer to full MBL by then.

End of July 2011

End of January 2012

 I’ve been sticking to my word on going to the gym. I definitely feel stronger, But I don’t see any new progress visually. I’m hoping to change this by eating better and keeping track of everything I do. My new goal is to be down to 120 by summer. We’ll see how that goes *lol*.

Final Thoughts:
I’ve spent the past couple months evaluating how I go about accomplishing my goals as far as health and hair. I’m starting to realize certain habits I have and what I’m consistent with. I’ve been going to the gym at least 3 times a week, always doing 45 minutes of cardio and then weights. Right now, I’m focusing on slimming my thighs and toning my butt, which I consider my problem areas. My hair has been growing nicely and is behaving now that I’m being more consistent with my regimen.


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