Dr. Phoenyx Austin: Special Guest at Hairscapades Meet-Up!


So, are you ready for this?!? Dr. Phoenyx Austin is going to make a special appearance at the Hairscapades Meet-Up on Saturday, February 18th in Washington, DC!!! And, she’s not coming alone!

It’s finally here – a book that takes a holistic approach to afro-textured hair care! Dr. Phoenyx Austin has a fabulous new book out titled, If You Love It, It Will Grow! A Guide To Growing Long Afro-Textured Hair. The book is available on her site, DrPhoenyx.com, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You’ve probably seen Dr. Phoenyx (and her hair) mentioned on a few popular natural hair blogs, and now she’s written a book that shares all her personal and professional knowledge on growing and maintaining healthier and longer hair! Dr. Phoenyx Austin is a medical doctor and her book, unlike many others, is all about holisitic hair care. What does that mean? It means she covers healthy hair growth from the inside out – not hair growth based on whether hair is natural or relaxed. For example, she teaches women to use principles of nutrition, natural and organic hair products, as well as alternative medicine principles, such as aromatherapy and Ayurveda, to achieve healthy hair growth. She also addresses issues such as hair loss in Black women, as well as how to treat forms of scalp dermatitis (i.e. eczema). Overall, Dr. Phoenyx’s book is a fun, down to earth and informative read for women who are looking for a straightforward and educational guide to growing healthy, stronger and longer hair. Without a doubt, ALL women will benefit from this book.

Furthermore, Dr. Phoenyx emphasizes that her book is about a deeper message – a message of self-love and self-acceptance. She says that for many women, hair is not just hair. There is a great interconnectedness between how women feel about their hair and how they feel about themselves. In many ways, our hair is an extension of who we are. And in this book, she’s advocating that women love themselves, love their hair and treat their bodies well to achieve their beauty goals. In this book, she teaches women to start seeing and approaching their hair care from a place of mind, body and spirit!

About the Author:
Dr. Phoenyx Austin is a physician, author, media personality and entrepreneur. She enjoys discussing women’s topics related to beauty, relationships, culture and life and is widely known for engaging audiences with a witty, conversational tone and the intellect to back it up. Dr. Phoenyx has been featured in countless publications, lifestyle e-zines, beauty blogs and online magazines such as Essence. She has also been featured on popular syndicated television and radio shows on networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and Radio One.


Okay, first and foremost … LOOK AT THAT FRICKIN’ GORGEOUS HAIR!!

Alright … okay … whew … now that that is out of the way;), if you’re interested in picking up a copy of If You Love It, It Will Grow! at the meet-up, please comment here so that she knows how many copies to bring!


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  1. In my Florida Evans voice, D***, D***, D****. It is my birthday, and I am not able to attend. First Hurricane Irene now my born day. One day, one day I will meet you and others who enjoy your blog.

    Have fun ladies!


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