Ramblings: HIH, Edges & New Obsessions


So, this post is just a hodge podge of the going ons over the last couple of days.

Hand-in-Hair (HIH):
So I’ve still been wearing the same bun with the three twists in front. I’ve changed it up a little by wearing a big red flower on Wednesday and a hair stick yesterday. But last night, I really wanted to try this bun that I’ve been eyeing for months. My hair is stretched and feeling strong and I’ve been wearing the same style for three days. However, my hair looks fine; no need to mess with it. So, that inner battle ensued and my desire to try something new waged war with my knowledge that leaving it alone when it’s fine is better for my strands. Knowledge prevailed this time, so no manipulation and the bun it is … again … for another day. *lol*

Do you ever struggle through this inner battle? Which side wins most often?

You know, I generally use Eco Styler Gel and shea butter mixed to smooth my edges, when needed. Though it works pretty decently in the morning, by the time I get home, I always have frizzies all over. Well this week, Sofn’free sent me a frickin’ massive amount of products from their new GroHealthy line, Nothing But, which is especially created for natural hair. One of the items was their Mold & Hold Wax, which I started using on my edges on Tuesday.

Gotta tell you, I’ve tried a lot of things and nothing works great all day. This stuff right here? Yeah, color me impressed so far. At the end of the day, my edges are still smooth. A full review with the ingredient lists and all that good stuff will be coming next week. But, as you can already see, it is free of a lot of stuff. One quick word, it does have dimethicone. So, if you are a strict Curly Girl, then it probably isn’t for you. But, if you’re not … stay tuned!

End of work day with NO product re-app!

What do you use to lay down YOUR edges?

New Obsession:
Did y’all see Curly Nikki’s dress from her post yesterday about attending the Essence Black Women in Music Event?!?! OMGosh y’all, that dress is HAWT!! Well, she purchased it from my newest obsession, Asos!! You see, I discovered this UK based online shop via my Lucky magazine a couple of months ago! Kirsten Dunst was on the cover and in the feature inside the mag, she had on this dope, retro pencil skirt that was, like, 50 or 60 bucks at Asos. Ever since then, I’ve been going on the site on a weekly basis, putting things in the cart (always end up with, like, $240 worth), convince myself that I shouldn’t be spending any money, leave the cart, return a week later to find that half the items in my cart have sold out, add new items to my cart and repeat. LOL!!!

Well, after seeing the dress that Nikki was rocking and checking it out to find that it was only $72 … the streak has been broken. I knew if I waited more than 24 hours, it would be GONE. And, in fact, I ordered two!!! I’m not sure of their sizes, so I got it in a 6 and an 8. Because, as you know, I’m hippy and bootylicious and it’s very fitted and narrow down the lower body as it’s cut like a pencil skirt. I was scared that if I ended up with the wrong size, the right one would be gone by the time I figured it out. And hey, with FREE shipping and return shipping at all times, how could I go wrong?!?!

LOVES it!!

I love the dress as I think it’s perfect for many occasions, including evening work events where I want to be fla-DOW, but still professional ;)! *LOL* I was planning on telling you guys about Asos once I actually purchased something and could check out the quality of the items and the service. Well, now you have a preview and I’ll be back with pictures and a full review once my order arrives! Oh, and one last thing, they have this really cool, ingenious feature. Under each item is an option, “See it on the runway” that you can select to see video of the item in action! Nice!

Have you ordered from Asos in the past? If so, what has been your experience with the quality of their items and level of service?




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  1. funnily enough…. i am in the UK… so i own too much asos items… it is great value for money. A word of advice read fabric info to see whether the item is compatible to photo. Otherwise excellent online retailer.


    • Aloe vera gel never did anything for my hair (though I’m pretty sure I have some under the sink) and I’m trying to not buy anything “new new” right now. But, I’ll remember that for future reference! The salon where I got my blow out yesterday actually sells N&S!! I’m sitting there and another customer walks in and says, “Is that Jane Carter Nourish & Shine? How much do you sell it for here?” When the owner said, $20, $21-whatever with tax … I thought, “Yeah, not gonna happen.” LOL!!


  2. I felt like this post was all me! Finding something to smooth my edges has been a battle. NOTHING seems to work. I’ve tried, ORS, Carol’s Daughter, gels, shea butter with an overnight wrap, and other various supermarket fare. I always get the same result- smoothness that lasts all of ten minutes them the curlies are back. One would have to admire their tenacity!

    Curly Nikki’s dress was hot! I immediately put one in my cart in the size I am determined to be by summer! Crazy? Motivation! (You have me scared it might be gone now though) I think you will look fabulous in it!


    • Viv, I am really impressed by this mold wax so far!! I’ll definitely do a “real” review next week … I think … because I don’t know if I’ll be using it the next few days! LOL! I might need it for my edges though! We’ll see!

      I know, that dress is re-dunk, right? Did you see below???? Thursdays in the month of February, there is a 20% discount code on dresses on Thursday, LOVEDRESSES. They have discount codes for different items each day of the week. So, check that out first!

      And thank you lady:)!!


  3. I found asos back in 2006, and a ton on my closet is from there. That dress is so my style. I custom make one similar, Shelli! It’s called ‘cocoa’ in my new store.


    • Terysa!!! I saw your comment on Nikki’s post too!! I was like, “Is this MY Terysa?!?!” LOL!!! OMGosh, I was bugging! I love the Mocha two set piece!! That button back, stunning!!! I didn’t see details on the page though … what fabric is used and what kind of waist is on the pants? Thank you!!


      • Yeah, it was me hahha. I thought long and hard before spamming her, I even consulted with the hubby ๐Ÿ˜‰ But yeah, same goes for you if you have anything coming up – let me know. Everyone seems to love that Mocha, it’s my baby! Brandy’s stylist pulled it earlier this week, I’m crossing my fingers that she liked it.

        The site isn’t all the way live yet, still working on a few tweaks. But yeah, everything in that collection is cotton and polyester with a little (very little spandex) for stretch. Same material and quality as the ones on asos.

        My fall/winter is almost done and mixes leather, lace, sequins, etc… I went kinda too happy at Mood Fabric ๐Ÿ˜‰

        If you want, I can send you a extra Cappuccino that I made. I’m not sure if it’s your style, because of the low v back. But it’s calf length, so just let me know! Oh also its a sample size, so it can fit between a 2-6. But I usually only custom make each ‘piece’. Let me know Shelly.


  4. I just checked out the site, asos, and to my surprise they have plus sizes for a curvy girl like me. I anticipated making a purchase by the end of the day. Happy Friday Ladies.


    • Heather, yes, they have a wide variety and range of sizes! Again, not certain how things actually fit, but they do put measurements up for the different sizes, so we should be able to get a decent idea of the fit:)!! If/when you order, you definitely have to let us know how the items worked out! Since my sister, who is bootilicious too, likes them and has a lot of items, I’m thinking that it’ll be okay!


  5. I have ordered from ASOS. Alex from The Good Hair Blog Had this killer body suit on that I had to have. So, I asked her where she got it from. Good thing you bought the dress quick! I know once wind gets out where Nikki got her dress from the price will either go up or it will sell out!


  6. I use Giovanni Magnetic Force Styling Wax to hold my edges down. The ingredients are acceptable, its not greasy and I can get it on the ground (Whole Foods and other stores).


  7. i’ve been ordering from ASOS for a few years now and they run pretty true to size. but, because it’s an online retailer, be cognizant of fabric types and more flattering cuts beforehand, even though they have a pretty decent return policy.


  8. Please do tell about that hold product. I discovered ASOS last summer through my sister and PROMPTLY ordered 5 dresses! LOL. unfortunately none of them worked as far as fit but the prouducts for the most part were good quality and a good price for what you get. And no shipping? Please don’t resurrect the online shopper in me… I feel like I will be stalking their pages again after seeing curly Nikki’s supadupa fly look! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please post pictures of it when you get the dress Re: HIH, my hand wins almost every time. I think that is part of the reason my hair just was not retaining length for a while, I can’t keep my hands out! :-(. Doing better now though ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great weekend! Hope I can come meet your in person next weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Yes I luv asos, but I have 2 tell u always check online 1st for promotional codes for that site. I ordered the same dress yesterday & used code I founded that gave me 20% off plus the asos offered free shipping came up 2 like 56.00. So im thinkin about gettin another color b4 code expires


    • Ughhhh Nina!! Why’d you have to bring that up and remind me:(. See, what had happened was … I went straight to the link and ordered on Thursday. On Friday morning, I saw the 20% discount code (LOVEDRESSES) and e-mailed them about applying it. They wouldn’t! Said they can’t and it’s only on certain dresses (like this one didn’t qualify, but I knew it did) that it’s on their questions page:(. I could have saved $28:(. I HATE losing out on deals/discounts. But, it is for all of February. So, if the sizes are still there, I’m gonna order again next Thursday and then return the full price ones! BOO-YAH!!! I don’t care! I’m hoping the other ones will arrive by then, so I know which size fits the best or if they will work for me at all!


  10. I love the bun! It reminds me of Draya’s style on BBWives! The breads make it retro and adorable! I think its a great protective style and works so well on you! An asian co-worker wears her hair loose but adds the braid on the side and it works well on her also. I’m so going to copy!


    • Thanks Mishie! Someone else (or was it you? *lol*) told me that another bun I did looks like Draya’s! I tried googling images of her to find what they meant, but mostly found pics of her hair out.


  11. I think it may have been me that left the comment. I’ve been trying to google images of her hair also but couldn’t find one. I saw her wearing the style on the show and became obsessed. My hair thinned a bit over the summer b/c of some highlights so I’ve been looking for low manipulative styles.


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