Etoile’s Final GOC Update


Etoile (Second Wave) of The Curvealicious Chronicles

All I can say is #LOVINGIT!

After transitioning for over a year and a half, I booked an appointment at the start of the GOC to see the hair guru herself, Tameeka of Jaded Tresses at Christo Fifth Ave for my big chop; it was the single best hair decision I have EVER made.

Tameeka has taught me how to style and care for my curls and she gave me an absolutely incredible hair cut! And, as a result, my hair has truly flourished and grown in the last six months!  Additionally I seem to have cured my severe case of PJ’ism (well at least for hair products); and I stumbled upon the  Condition, Shampoo, Condition method, which works really well for me.

My Hair Care Regimen & HG Products


  • Pre-Poo overnight with olive oil, jojoba oil, or Treasured Locks Argan Oil.
  • Wet my hair under the shower stream and apply either HEHH or Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner, then finger detangle.
  • Shampoo with Doris New York Reconstructor Shampoo. For winter I have modified this step and dilute with water in an applicator bottle and apply to my scalp, massage my scalp to evenly distribute the product and rinse under the water stream allowing the product to cleanse my hair length as it rinses out.
  • Detangle in the shower with HEHH Conditioner or Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner.
  • Step out of the shower and deep condition my hair with Doris New York Mud Minerals Pack or Doris New York Extreme Deep Conditioner. (I recently discovered Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask and I LOVE it. I will be adding this to my list of HG Deep Conditioning Products.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner, Doris New York Leave-In Conditioner or Kinky Kurly Knot Today or my Modified Kimmaytube LIC recipe (I substitute olive oil for the castor oil).
  • Apply Doris New York Olive Oil Cream to seal and add additional moisture and sheen.
  • Lightly diffuse my hair with the blow dryer on medium warm.

Umm, well, what had happened was … the holidays came, I started baking and cooking and fell completely off the diet plan and onto the, “Well at least I am getting a healthy dose of protein with this Truffle Butter Mac n’ Cheese Plan.” And the, “Sweet potatoes are good carbs, so I am getting a healthy dose of good carbs from this Sweet Potato Pie That I Just Ate By Myself in Three Days Plan.”

Yea, I know … *hangs head down in shame*

I participated actively in sit-butt-on-couch-and-channel-surf-with-the-remote-control-for-finger-dexterity over the holidays.

But I am happy to say that I have gotten off the couch and started moving my body again! I recently purchased the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD and have discovered muscles that I did not know I had. I have also signed up for Zumba at my gym!

New Goals:
On the diet front, I have resumed my healthy eating habits and set a weight loss goal of 25 pounds by July 1, 2012 and a reward of a shopping spree once I achieve it!

Thank you so much Shelli! I love your blog and sharing my healthy hair and body journey with this amazing community! I CANNOT WAIT until the GOC PT2!!!!!



If you would like to see all of the updates of any of our GOCers, just enter their name in the “Search” box on the right ——->>>>! The results will return all of their updates (and guest posts) since the beginning of the GOC!! See where it all began and how they’ve progressed over the course of the challenge!


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  1. @Krystal thank you so much! That is pretty much how I wear my hair on the day to day or in my signature afro puff featured further down the page

    @Margaret thank you!! I’ve fallen in love with my curls over the course of this challenge and am a #naturalista for life!


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