Splitting A Suit


My outfit yesterday was decided based upon the color of some dollar store flowers. If you remember, I picked up a few fabric flowers during a Dollar Store Trip back in December. Well, I decided they’d be a nice little addition to my kind of retro-looking twisted bun. So, I needed to come up with an outfit that would coordinate with the flowers:).

First, just to show you what I did here, I simply pushed a bobby pin through a little of the thread and fabric between the petals and inserted! You know I like things easy!!

Okay, now on to the “splitting a suit” thing. I love the versatility that suits offer as you can wear them as is or break them apart and pair with a variety of other items in your closet to make many different looks. So, first, I’ll show you the suit that I almost always wear split. (This is also another purchase from Marshall’s.)

You can’t see it here, but will see in the detail shot below that this is an orange/rust suit with a pseudo black herringbone print and subtle aqua stripes running through it. Hence, this is why it coordinates with the flowers ;). I love the elbow-length puff sleeves, tab collar and belted wait of this jacket. The shorter cut also flatters my shape. However, the pants to this are a little too big for me right now. This is actually one of my “fat” suits:). In other words, this is a suit that I can typically fit if I’ve put on 10-15 lbs. I don’t keep many items that will fit me at that weight as I don’t want to get comfortable and not being able to fully utilize my wardrobe is one of the best exercise motivators in the world for me. But, I do keep a few things that are larger, because a girl has to have something to wear!

Anywho, instead of wearing the suit trousers, I paired the jacket with a pair of black, wide leg polyster/spandex blend pants by Express (but I think I still got them from Marshall’s … these are at least 10 years old!). I wore a sweater with attached blouse (Christmas gift) and a pair of black ankle boots. Finally, I accessorized with a multi-colored beaded necklace and bracelet set (super old, from Mandees back in the day) to complete the look.

See … there really are aqua stripes ;).

When I split the suit to wear the pants, I often pair them with a fitted black turtleneck sweater to balance the volume of the relaxed trousers or I will wear them with a white button down and a black or grey blazer. It’s all about options baby;)!



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  1. LOL @ Kena!! Thanks ladies!! Erica, I don’t know if I’ve ever worn this one together. Tiffany, I don’t love my brown slacks and since this has the black herringbone texture through it, I’ve gone with black. But, I can see going with brown too … it’s kind of intuitive with the orange and turquoise. But, you have to have the right brown, which I don’t, as the color of the jacket gives a brown effect. Thanks LaNora:)!!


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