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Jasmine’s Final GOC Update


Jasmine (Fifth Wave) aka CurlsDivine

Have I made it? To January 31, 2012? The end of Hairscapades GOC Challenge? I did indeed. Committed to doing everything I said I would do, met my hair goals and overcame my hair challenges.

January 16th 2012 was my one year anniversary, so decided to try some new styles. I tried Wash and Go’s. I have always admired how Mahogany Curls could do a WnG and her curls looked fabulous, but have always felt a little insecure about how mine would turn out. You see, I have this kind of S-curl/frizz and then, at the bottom, my curls are met with a coil. I guess we all have some things we could kick to the curb about our hair. I just can’t seem to define the frizz into a nice coil from nap to bottom, oh well! I finally just said to myself, “I’m gonna try it and see.” It had been since my Big Chop that I tried the WnG style. So the results were surprisingly great. I used my Aubrey Organics conditioner to see if I could do the conditioner only route. Well, that particular conditioner works very well with the other styles I do, but it did not agree with my WnG’s. I dug back into my trusty old bag of products I vowed I would never use again and, out of curiosity and budgeting issues, I pulled out the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner and Eco-Styler. My mother has these gorgeous coils, and the Cantu Shea loves her hair. I need Eco Gel, because I need a heavy gel to keep the frizz from surfacing. I was amazed that the two together were like a perfect married couple.

I learned a trick from Naptural85 on Youtube on how to preserve the look. I can’t do the pineapple thing, so I wore two shower caps to lock in the moisture and I had 2nd day hair that looked like first day hair. It was beautiful! I think as my hair grows longer, WnG’s will get even better.

By the end of the month, yes I did, I had my hair professionally blown-out. I researched and found out that Van Davis Aveda Salon and Spa had a natural hair stylist whose hair is also natural. We met and I fell in-love with her personality. She gave me a head massage, a wash and condition, heat protectant, blow dried and flat-ironed it. She said my hair was extremely healthy. I was so happy with the results.

Hair Growth:

August 1, 2011
Top Crown: 8.5-9.0 inches
Sides: 7.5 inches
Back neck: 7.0 inches

January 31, 2012*
Top Crown: 10 inches
Sides: 9 inches
Back Neck: 9 inches

*½ inch trim 1-28-2012

Final Thoughts:
I’m still in this journey to get to mid-back length hair. I will definitely have my goal of bra-strap by the end of the year. I will be checking in and sending progress pictures throughout the year. This challenge has been so great. It has encouraged me to continue on a path of positivity towards a goal that some would have quit on day 1. Thank you Shelli for making my experience with Hairscapades so wonderful!


Here’s a little tip! If you would like to see all of the updates of any of our GOCers, just enter their name in the “Search” box on the right ——->>>>! The results will return all of their updates (and guest posts) since the beginning of the GOC!! See where it all began and how they’ve progressed over the course of the challenge!


Mini-Hairscapader: Chloe’s HairStory!


That’s right!! Yesterday, when I posted Michelle’s Big Chop HairStory, I was being very sneaky! I deliberately used the picture of Michelle and her gorgeous and curly daughter Chloe first. You see, when Michelle sent her story to me, she told me how her daughter inspired her to go natural and is her hair crush. She wrote, “Maybe you’ll do a mini hairscapades section and I’ll submit her story for you.”

Awwwww sookie sookie now!!! Y’all know I was on it!! I sent a set of questions within the hour!! I mean, LOOK AT HER!! LOOK AT HER HAIR!! Yeah, she’s now my hair crush too!! So, without further ado … check out the hairstory of our very first Mini-Hairscapader, Chloe!!


As told by Michelle (mother)

What’s your child’s name and age? Tell us a little about her.
My daughter’s name is Chloe and she will be 7 years old in March. She is so sweet, she cries at movies, she loves ALL animals and is a girly tom-boy *lol*. She loves makeup – Sephora is her fave, because of all the tools and makeup just begging her to put them on her face. We’ve wanted to get her modeling gigs, but I’m so leery of the people who take advantage of kids. Now she’s in the weird stage with her teeth … ugh, and she won’t stop smiling, she’s a jack o’lantern!

How do you care for her hair? What products do you use, how often do you wash/condition, what techniques do you use (i.e., how do you detangle), etc.?
No matter the style, Chloe wears a satin bonnet every night and sleeps with a satin pillow. Initially, it was because Mama did and she wanted to too, but then it made sense that a lot of what I was doing for myself would benefit her as well.

I wash Chloe’s hair twice a month with Tresemme Low Sulfate Shampoo or Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo. I co-wash her hair weekly with Organix Coconut Milk Condish, Aussie Moist, HH HE or the Suave Almond and Shea Butter Condish. I always leave some condish in her hair and then wrap her hair in a white t-shirt to get the excess water out. I then section her detangled hair and apply Giovanni Leave-in, Kinky Curly Knot Today or Shea Moisture DC (smells so good) to her hair. Then the products vary depending on the style.

I detangle Chloe’s hair by sectioning the nape from side to side (this hair has looser curls) and then parting the rest of hair in 4 sections. I use my denman brush, along with a spray water bottle, and work from the ends up and then, if I want to stretch her hair, twist or band the detangled section with Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In or BeeMine Curly Butter.

Do the same products that work for you work for your child’s hair?
Yes and no *lol*. Chloe’s hair is thicker than mine, so I have to use more product on her or just a heavier alternative. But, for cleansing and conditioning, definitely we use the same products.

What is a typical style? Do you employ protective styles? If so, how often?
Chloe loves her hair out and we’ll do a WnG. But, depending on the hold, we’ll use different products. For a softer, fluffier WnG, we’ll use crèmes, like Aveda Be Curly or Mixed Chicks (but these two are pricey for our budget). For a more defined curl with some hold, we use KCCC with the Knot Today, Elasta QP Feels Like Silk or Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and last, apply a few drops of Organix Coconut Milk Shine Serum (love the smell).

For her ponytails, I use TCB Lite Hair & Scalp Conditioner. It looks like gel, but goes on like a pomade. No sticky or tacky feeling and has amazing shine and lays down her stubborn curls and wispies like no other. I’ll sometimes use the Feels Like silk on her ponytails, if her hair is out for a curly ponytail. I have to use rubberbands on her ends (I know, I know), but her ends will unravel with the “twist around your finger” move. I even bought the ORS Lock and Twist Gel thinking that would keep them together, but no luck.

We’ve even attempted a straight do, but Chloe’s curls will not be tamed and I’m not willing to burn her locks to try. I purchased the InStyler, then I use a heat serum on her hair (right now we have Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Nut Heat Protectant) and it does the trick, but within a few hours she has BIG HAIR. But, she’s happy and grateful for the hours she does have it straight.

I most definitely take advantage of the talented hair braiders whose styles last for 2 weeks and save me precious time in the AM!!! She loves the beads they put in her hair. I use Karen’s Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Oil to lube her scalp or Palmer’s Spray Oil (I think it’s coconut oil) and alternate with Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk or KBB Leave-in to moisturize.

What challenges do you face with your child’s hair?
Chloe has a few textures in her hair as well as her hair grows unevenly! You can see that one side is curlier than the other when I do a WnG. One side will be on point and the other will be just ok *lol*. And that troublesome crown area is always dryer and has a mind of its own. The length of hair at the nape of her neck goes to her bum, but then her next “layer” will be mid-back! CRAZY, right? Well, I ignorantly had someone cut it up to mid-back (she wanted to try and cut it all even – she has layers that go up to her chin – heck no you ain’t cutting her hair even), thinking it would start to grow evenly. Well a year later, that nape section is to her bum again, but not the bulk of her hair. I’m concentrating on healthy hair, moreso than length with Chloe. But, I think I have to look at both.

How does your child feel about her/his natural hair?
Well, we live in a diverse community and Chloe wants to wear her hair out more frequently like some of her lighter friends. She’s even come home begging for a bang, this was in Kindergarten. Well, the AA community I grew up in didn’t even think of cutting bangs until maybe middle school!!! Her dad began to stress that his baby was getting grown and I had to explain to him that Caucasians get their little girls hair cut in bobs as early as toddlers; she is just expressing what she is seeing. I was just grateful she just wanted a bang and not the whole shebang, ok?! I pointed out to Chloe that her hair doesn’t want to stay straight when we InStyle it and her bang would just be a bush on her forehead if we did cut it and, after she finished laughing, she was ok with it. She’s more aware of her hair because of the attention that she gets when she wears it out, but overall, she loves her hair and thinks the shrinkage is really cool!

Have you ever relaxed/texlaxed your child’s hair? Why or why not and, if you relaxed her hair, what prompted the decision to return to natural?
No, I have never put a relaxer in Chloe’s hair and I won’t. We have so many resources at our fingertips as well as products that are just a website away that I just can’t see putting such harsh chemicals on her hair. She can make that decision when she is old enough, but hopefully she will appreciate what God has blessed her with and the evergrowing community of Natural Hair goddesses to relate to too!

Anything else that you’d like to add?
I think that this series/subsection of Hairscapades will be another resource for our curly families. One-stop shopping for moms and kids! I’m looking forward to reading other mini-hairstories and learning some new and better ways to maintain Chloe’s hair (if anyone can grant me the magical power of cornrowing, flat-twisting and parting, I’d be eternally grateful). Thanks Shelli for allowing us the opportunity – you are the bomb.com *Tamar voice*.


No, thank YOU Michelle for an amazing idea and sharing the HairStory of your beautiful little girl and her gorgeous curls with us first!! And, just because I couldn’t chose from all the great pics, here are the ones above, plus some more!!!

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Don’t you just ♥LOVE♥ her?!?!? Y’all know my baby fever having self is losing it over here!!!


Okay, I’m alright … I’m alright. *Wooosah* Soooooo, do you have a mini-Hairscapader in your house? Wanna share his/her story?! Well then, get on it!! Answer the questions here and e-mail your responses, along with 5-6 pics, to me at hairscapades@gmail.com.

Splitting A Suit


My outfit yesterday was decided based upon the color of some dollar store flowers. If you remember, I picked up a few fabric flowers during a Dollar Store Trip back in December. Well, I decided they’d be a nice little addition to my kind of retro-looking twisted bun. So, I needed to come up with an outfit that would coordinate with the flowers:).

First, just to show you what I did here, I simply pushed a bobby pin through a little of the thread and fabric between the petals and inserted! You know I like things easy!!

Okay, now on to the “splitting a suit” thing. I love the versatility that suits offer as you can wear them as is or break them apart and pair with a variety of other items in your closet to make many different looks. So, first, I’ll show you the suit that I almost always wear split. (This is also another purchase from Marshall’s.)

You can’t see it here, but will see in the detail shot below that this is an orange/rust suit with a pseudo black herringbone print and subtle aqua stripes running through it. Hence, this is why it coordinates with the flowers ;). I love the elbow-length puff sleeves, tab collar and belted wait of this jacket. The shorter cut also flatters my shape. However, the pants to this are a little too big for me right now. This is actually one of my “fat” suits:). In other words, this is a suit that I can typically fit if I’ve put on 10-15 lbs. I don’t keep many items that will fit me at that weight as I don’t want to get comfortable and not being able to fully utilize my wardrobe is one of the best exercise motivators in the world for me. But, I do keep a few things that are larger, because a girl has to have something to wear!

Anywho, instead of wearing the suit trousers, I paired the jacket with a pair of black, wide leg polyster/spandex blend pants by Express (but I think I still got them from Marshall’s … these are at least 10 years old!). I wore a sweater with attached blouse (Christmas gift) and a pair of black ankle boots. Finally, I accessorized with a multi-colored beaded necklace and bracelet set (super old, from Mandees back in the day) to complete the look.

See … there really are aqua stripes ;).

When I split the suit to wear the pants, I often pair them with a fitted black turtleneck sweater to balance the volume of the relaxed trousers or I will wear them with a white button down and a black or grey blazer. It’s all about options baby;)!