Two Layer “Magic” Wrap Skirt


This is a Kariza “Magic” Wrap Skirt I picked up at a courtyard kiosk in Florida a few years ago for about $35-40. I love this skirt and I got another full length one in NY at an outside flea market a couple of summers ago. The other one may not be Kariza. What makes this skirt “magic” is that you can wear it a variety of ways due to the two layers. Check it out.

(You can find these skirts at a variety of places online, like Just google magic wrap skirt.)

Here, I simply tied one side up into the wrap. This is another item that I love to wear in summer and winter. Again, to “winterize,” I just add knee high boots and a long, fitted sweater and I’m good to go. I also accessorized with a brass chain-link belt. I sometimes wear this same belt as a “heavy metal” necklace by looping it multiple times around my neck.

In regard to my hair, I decided to put it into some chunk twists on Sunday night and I bunned it for the day.

It wasn’t the neatest as I didn’t use any product to twists and I haphazardly parted it with my fingers. I really wanted to re-twists it neatly. So, I started … and finished three twists. I knew it was going to take at least two hours that I didn’t have, so I put the rest of my hair into four big chunky twists and bunned it for this little do that I’m wearing to work today. Still could be neater, but it’ll work!

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