Tunics, Leggings and Boots


My job has casual Fridays, so this was my look from last week. I hit my local TJ Maxx on Thursday night in search of nude platform pumps. That search was not successful (didn’t I tell you how that never works out for me? ;)), but I found these really cute leather, wedge boots by Jessica Simpson on clearance for $39 (orig. price $75)! So, I snagged them and paired with a BCBG soft cotton, drop-waist, patterned tunic, black leggings (over black tights … gotta control stuff;) and a knee-length, short sleeved cardigan by INC. The tunic and leggings are both a few years old from the same TJ Maxx where I got the boots. The cardigan was picked up on sale at Macy’s a few years ago and came with a matching belt that I didn’t wear here (I actually cut the belt loops off of the sweater too as they were too low). I love INC and always get great deals on awesome and quality pieces when I hit their clearance rack at Macy’s.

Here are a few more pics, including some without the cardigan and a close-up of the boots.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! I did something a little different with my two braids on Friday. I decided to form them into a figure 8 by circling one braid in a loop towards my crown and the other towards my nape and securing with hair pins. I then threaded my queCraft hair fork through the loops.

I liked it! However, the hair pins kept popping out all day and I had to keep pushing them back into the braids. What’s up with that?! Anyone know how to keep those little buggers secure?! I just need to stick with bobby pins … stop trying to be all fancy and stuff ;)! *lol*


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