If you read my post, 25 Random Things About Me (#1-10), you know that Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my two all-time favorite cartoons. If you read part two (#11-25), you know about  the Sci-Five, my group of friends that I met a few years ago while taking Saturday classes at a local cartooning and comic arts school. Well, those aren’t my only friends from the school. One of my former “classmates” and friends, Mat, is now in college and continues to demonstrate his love of all things comics and cartoon by authoring and illustrating his own, semi-autobiographical strip, Matchu.

Matchu has a running story which is comprised of the  eternal grey cloud of bad luck that follows our lead character and his unrequited love for the golden-haired Amber. These are a few of my favorites in the story thus far. The first two strips include things close to my heart and the last is just funny to me because it’s so Mat :).

So, if you get a chance, check out the rest of Matchu: “A coming of age sort of story about a boy, his brother, the girl he likes, aliens, demons, mad scientists, ninjas and goths.”


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