It REALLY Works: Downy Wrinkle Release


by Weusi

I know that this is a hair blog but …

I just wanted to share something that I’m SURE will make your S.O. happy …

It’s this stuff right here … Wrinkle Erase.

If your S.O. travels, they will LOVE this … but, if they are homebodies, they will love it too.

When you spray this stuff … you don’t have to iron! You just spray it and then you wipe the wrinkles out! It’s GREAT!!! I can’t even talk about it … just go get this stuff for your S.O. and let them love you for it!

Shelli … please co-sign!?!


Co-sign?! I’m the one that put you on this Wei! LOL! And he actually wrote Wrinkle “Erase” guys. I decided to leave it as he uses it all of the time and still doesn’t know the name ;)! Made me laugh as it’s a typical guy thing! LOL!! Also, the title of the post came from me as I was planning on starting a series, “It Really Works,” last summer. Wrinkle Release was going to be the kick-off (but it never made it to the screen). You may remember that I mentioned that I hate ironing in a post the other day. Well, “this stuff right here?” It has saved me from pulling out the iron on many occasions! I even took pics last summer for the post! It’s hard to pick up the “before” wrinkles, but I tried to show the difference!

The spots were on the lens of my old camera, not the dress! *lol*


So now that “It Really Works” has been officially kicked-off, hoping that you guys will join in the fun!! What “miracle” product have you tried to be astounded by when you discovered that it really worked?! Shoot an e-mail to me at with a brief review and evidence;)! Let’s share the wealth!!


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