Color Combo: Olive and Eggplant


Yup, still rocking the Chinese bun;). But, figured I’d show you my hair jewlery. I love this bedazzled rose hair stick. I ordered it from about a year or so ago, I think. This particular stick doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but they have a lot of pretty options, a few of which I have in my hair “wardrobe!” The bun is looking pretty lush here; it doesn’t really look this big in person! LOL!! Here’s another angle :).

I had snagged a little hair at the end of the stick. Whoopsy!

As promised in the comments on the OOTD post yesterday, here is what I wore to work on Thursday. I love the combo of eggplant, burgundy, borduox or any variation of deep purple with olive. I like it even more with a contrast of textures and structures. Here, I layered a structured corduroy blazer over a ruffled lace, mock turtleneck shell and velvet slacks. It’s sort of a two shade monochromatic look with the top half in one color and the bottom in the other. None of the colors match perfectly, but in office lighting, the slight tonal differences are almost indiscernible.

The corduroy blazer is from Old Navy, the ruffled lace, sleeveless top is by Kenar from Marshall’s (it’s lined and the back is a solid lace panel), the velvet trousers are from the Gap (I have the “matching” A-line skirt from the same season too) and the ankle strap, stacked heel oxfords are from Nine West. Again though, everything is several years old. I’ll try to update this link with similar options that are currently available when I have more time!

Love these shoes and the pink and yellow details!

On another note, I desperately searched for these shoes yesterday morning. I knew which closet they were in and I knew that they were in the old school grey and blue Nine West box. But, I couldn’t see the trees for the forest ;). I’ll give you a glimpse into my shoe stash so that you get an idea of what I mean!!

Ultimately, the jokers were staring me right in the face (they were right in the box to which that big red arrow is pointing!). As I believe that I’ve already confessed, my “junkie” ways aren’t limited to hair products. This is just one of four closets in which shoes are stashed and stacked. I chose my condo because of the closet space (you may notice all the button-down blouses organized in color families from lightest to darkest hanging above the shoes … yeah, I have issues). In my defense though, most of these shoes were acquired between 5-10 years ago. I don’t do nearly as much damage as I used to do. Also, I’m a cheapie, so most of my shoes were acquired for $40 or less. Hmmm, am I ‘splaining to much ;)? *lol*


What was the point of this post? Oh yeah! What color combos do you like to wear together?

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    • Thanks Dickie! Tiffany, I love blazers too! I usually rummage the racks at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx! I went to the local Goodwill this past Sunday, but they didn’t have any good ones! I’d definitely like to see your scores!!


  1. Lol I thought it was only me!!! I color code my closet too. But that is because of my retail days. My friends joke around n call me an organized hoarder!!! Because I have everything in different options. I tell them that’s an oxymoron and there is nothing wrong with choices.


    • Ooooooh!! Yea!! More borderline OCD ladies;)!! LOL!! Lieinbk, I tell people the reason I don’t have to lay out the outfit the night before and can put together looks quickly is because I know exactly where everything is!! Also, there may be clothes all over the bed, dresser and chest, but when they are in the closet or drawers, they are organized!! The reason they’ll be out a mess is because I have to organize and color code to put them away;)!


  2. Ok you guys are killing me with the color coding (lol)! I coordinate by items (suits, dresses, skirts, pants, etc). I love black with blazers & cardigans in primary colors (red) and bright colors (orange, turquoise, etc.). I also love purple/eggplant with taupe accessories (shoes, belts, scarves). Cute shoes and I love the bun!!


    • Oh, don’t get it twisted Erica, I do that too ;)!! LOL!! This was the button down shirt closet. In my longer closet are dresses in color code order, then cardigans, non-button down blouses, skirts (which are organized by cut – i.e. minis, pencil, A-line, long – and then color within each cut), and slacks. The hallway closet is suits, 2 piece skirt/top sets, vests and blazers. And then the second bedroom has my formal and semi-formal wear as well as my suede skirts:). Oh, and add on that, the hangers are color coded as well. I’m gradually trying to get them all one color, but it’s a work in progress :). Yeah, I SAID that I was borderline OCD, didn’t I ;)?


      • Skills, your closet game is gangsta! I’m really jealous of all that closet space. Full disclosure – I have 2 walk in closets in my bedroom, a “spring/summer” closet and a “fall/winter” closet. I only use a specific clear decorative hanger that I get from Bed, Bath & Beyond for all my closets including my coat closets ( yes plural). So I’m headed for the OCD route too. The only thing stopping me is location and logistics. If I ever move out of NYC, trust and believe I will have a serious closet plan! What are we all gonna do with our closet OCD when we retire?


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