ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment: Application


Let the research begin!!

I’m planning on going for it this weekend! I want to make certain that I have plenty of time, so I think I’ll do the ApHogee Two- Step Protein Treatment this Sunday as I’m feeling tired right now and have plans for Saturday. I hit Sally’s right after work as I was afraid that the single application packet that I’d already purchased a few weeks ago might not be enough to cover my hair. I would totally FREAK out if I ran out mid-process. So, I ended up getting the big 16 ounce bottle of the step one protein treatment as there was a sale which included the 8 ounce bottle of the Balancing Moisturizer for FREE!! I figure, better safe than sorry. If I hate it, I’ll just return the products to Sally’s.

Anywho, I sniffed the protein treatment given all of the comments/reviews about how disgusting this stuff smells. At first, it didn’t seem too bad. But then I took a bigger whiff and I think I smell what people mean … a full head of this stuff probably won’t be too pleasant. I can’t find anyone who has added EO to it. But, I’m going to add a drop of oil (maybe lavender) to a small amount  and see if it helps mask the smell or makes it worse. I’ve decided to use a spray applicator bottle to make the application process go more smoothly and I’m hoping that I can just put my bonnet dryer over my head without cinching it at all to dry the treatment. I’d hate to have to use the hand held dryer! But, I’m thinking, my hair may be hanging down my back and I may have to use the bonnet and hand held dryer!! Ugh!!! Time for some more research!! I think Chicoro covers the process in Grow It! I know ShamIAmGlam makes a “protein cocktail” with the treatment by mixing it with a regular conditioner, so I’m going to check out her video on that too!, So, here I go!!


Do you use the ApHogee Two Step Treatment? Any advice for a first-timer? How do I make this process as smooth and successful as possible?!


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  1. I have only done this one time! My only advice is to follow the instructions precisely, use a hooded dryer.. If you have one… I just grinned a beared the smell… It’s not in too too long .. So *shrugs*

    Moisturize your hair well after ( I would steam or do a dc)


  2. Shelli,
    Your hair has to hang, so the bonnet won’t dry your ends, besides, the hand held dryer is much faster. Also, take off your jewelry, put on a bummy t-shirt & do not let the protein get on any cloth surfaces you care about. The first time I did ApHogee I accidentally dripped some on one of my beloved Pier1 peacock occasional chairs & I just about died! The protein was so strong that I had to use Palmolive detergent to get it out. Fortunately there was no discoloration, but the texture of the fabric was permanently altered. Also, if you have sensitive skin, keep ApHogee away from your scalp. When it dries it gives you a “tight” feeling that’s very uncomfortable. I like it a lot more since I started mixing it w/ conditioner. The condish improves the texture (making it thicker & therefore easier to apply) & works wonders on that terrible smell. And for goodness sake, DO NOT skip the DC afterwards! Your hair will be dry without it.


    • Hi, Ladies!
      I’ve been thinking more seriously about using an Aphogee treatment, but I was concerned about whether you’re limited in terms of products you can use in your hair after the treatment. When I think keratin treatment, I think salon-grade brazilian process, and I know products with alcohol and/or sulfates are off limits once you’ve had that type of keratin treatment. Is the home version substantially similar? I acknowledge that I’m a gimmick whore, so to speak– since transitioning to natural, I bounce from product to product and technique to technique– and I would love to give Aphogee a whirl. But, because I use various and sundry products, I’d hate to be limited to alcohol-free or sulfate-free products, especially because my hair still “likes” many of the products that were effective while I was relaxed. @Sham, does mixing it with conditioner also mitigate the harshness of the treatment in this regard? I’d really appreciate any feedback about this!

      Let me go on the record as saying @Sham, I absolutely love your roller set results. I’ve tried your products and your technique, but it comes out looking more _Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry_ than chic and curly like yours. Roller wraps were my go-to style when relaxed, and I hate that I can’t get it right with my natural hair. Any suggestions?


      • Hi Erin, this is not a keratin treatment though. It’s a protein treatment. The only thing you need to avoid is overloading on protein products as they can make your hair hard, brittle and cause breakage. You also need to follow an Aphogee treatment with a moisturizing conditioning treatment. In regard to alcohol and sulfate containing products, I would recommend avoiding them regardless of using protein as they are very drying to natural hair and hair in general. There are many alcohol free products and sulfate free shampoo options out there. However, if you still want to use products containing those ingredients, that is your choice. I just think you risk drying and damaging your hair with them. I haven’t used products with alcohol in them since I went natural 12 years ago and now, there are millions of products free of alcohol … that wasn’t the case in the past. Okay, good luck!!


        • Thank you SO much for clarifying this for me! I can’t wait to try the protein treatment, buuuut I also can’t promise that I’m ready to completely bid farewell to alcohols and sulfates just yet. One of the most effective products for my roller sets has always been KeraCare setting lotion,for example, which contains propylene glycol. I do try to be much more conscientious about what I’m putting in my hair now that I no longer have a set of “go-to” products, though. So I will definitely continue to be mindful of the alcohol/sulfate zone, but I’m also glad to know that there shouldn’t be a super-adverse reaction to them if used at some point after the protein treatment. Thanks again!


  3. Now come on y’all … as much as I deep condition, you know dang well there is no way in heck that I would be skipping that step! In fact, I’ll be using their balancing moisturizer and then my darcy botanicals. I just applied my oil pre-poo tonight and thoroughly detangled. My hair was super stretched from that bun and it still took forever to pre-poo and detangle! Thanks for the warning about the clothes and furniture Sham!!


  4. I only used the 2-minute- treatment ( per your request) and just want to thank you!!!!!

    Amazing stuff, minimal breakage so far and a dramatic reduce in hair loss.
    Shellie, you saved my hair!!!
    I plan to Aphogee biweekly and henna- gloss on the other weekends… this time it’s henna.
    Last weekend I did both… was good.
    Then I went out… minus 10 degrease Celsius and my hair was …. noooo, girl.
    FirstvI blamed the henna/ Aphogee double, but then I realized it was the drying, cold climate… geez!!
    But I digress… I wish you a fantastic experience, hope for posts on how it works and thank you again!!!
    This is my first post here and English is not my native language ( German curlie here…. Ed shout out to all my curly sisters in Germany :-x), do I hope this reply is not too messed up….
    Love, love, love your site.. you do a fantastic job!!


    • Monika,
      I’ve never used the 2 minute treatment, but if it’s anything like the 2 step treatment you might wanna stretch that out to once a month or every 6 weeks… ApHogee is an intense protein treatment, so using it bi-weekly could result in extremely brittle hair over time.


      • Sham, the 2 minute is a light protein treatment that can be used every wash … they recommend it for light breakage and/or to maintain the hair between the 2 Step heavy, duyt treatments. I did a full review of it here:


        Monika! Yeah!!! Germany in the house!! LOL!! How did you find me? Just wondering if it was through CurlyNikki or LuckyCurls! Okay, in case you don’t know, it TOTALLY makes my day when something I post helps someone!! And lady, your English was fine!!!

        Oh and Sham, get this, why did I have an early a.m. Nightmare that I had a small and large bottle of the protein and that I knocked the small one over and it spilled on my carpet. So, I started to clean it up. But then, there was treatment in huge puddles all over my carpet and I’m freaking out, because I don’t know where it’s coming from. So, then, I see a huge 24 ounce bottle sitting on the floor under my cabinet and it’s fallen over and spilled all over the carpet!! I was having a heart attack until I realized that it was a dream!! I swear, this is the third crazy hair-related dream I’ve had in the last couple of months! LOL!! My subconscious is absorbing mess;)!! The first was that I was babysitting Boog and things weren’t going well! LOL!!! And the second was only about a week ago and it was that I went for a trim and the hairdresser cut my hair to a nape length bob!! LOL!!


      • Hi Sham,

        thanks for responding :-).
        On the 2-minute- Treatment bottle the instruction says that it is ok to use it after every wash, so I thought it was safe to use it biweekly… hmmm…. maybe not…. thanks for pointing this out to me… last thing I need is weakness and brittleness…. I followed with a DT, of course ( AOHSR).


        • Awww… Shellie… thanks for responding, too:-))
          How’s the 2step going so far ?

          LOL …. hair related nightmares… I once dreamt, that ALL my hair was falling out…
          I found you via the one and only CN…. this woman is harinspirarion since 2008..
          You both convinced me to TNc’s ….. doing this since January and it cut my washing frequency down from daily to once a week which is HUGE… my hair is fine and thin and this really, really helps..:-)


          • I have had that nightmare too!! It’s been a while though! I also sometimes have one where my teeth fall out!! OMGosh, I hate those!! I wake up all stressed! LOL!! Yea!! The TnC works for you! I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but once I got it right, it’s been a Godsend:)!! Thanks again Monika! So happy that you are finding the site helpful:)!!


  5. I want to try it but I’ll wait until I see enough reviews lol… This mega hair store down the street from me sells the entire line but I told myself I let other ppl be the guinea pigs and get an overall consensus and apply the best alternative (ie adding conditioner/oil) to my own hair.


  6. I did it two weeks ago…. I HATED IT AND WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN LOL!! My curl pattern changed, more like straightened out. The left side of my hair has no curls! The right side, which was tightly coiled, is more relaxed loose (but no comparison to the left side). It smelled horrible and my hair is still suffering from dryness… It took ALLL of the moisture out of my hair… Dry like the desert! I was sooo mad when I washed the stuff out! Now all I can do with it is slick it back and bun it until I find a new style that works for me. Never ever ever will I do that again.


    • Really Leah?!?! What did you use to deep condition afterwards? My review goes up tomorrow … but preview, it worked well for me. And, when you see the pic, you’ll see I have these straight ends, but they are ALWAYS like that and I’ve talked about that in the past. So, the protein treatment didn’t cause it.


      • I used the condish that came with it and then I deep condished with Henna Placenta, evoo, and a plastic cap over night. The only good thing I will say about this is my hair is a lot stronger and I dont notice as many broken strands when I comb. But it really changed my curl pattern. It made my wavy side straight and my curly side frizzy (as in not a lot of defined curls and more frizy fro lol) I should have tried it on a swatch of hair before I did my whole head. I have old dyed ends and virgn hair at the top and the majority of the length. My hair isnt used to chemicals I guess.


        • Oh man. Leah, sounds like you need something to restore your elasticity. I haven’t used the henna placenta since I was young. But, think about this. Henna is used in place of protein treatments, so it’s like you followed a protein conditioner with another protein conditioner. I also think that placenta might be protein too. Actually, just looked the Hask one up on Amazon and it says:

          “Environmentally responsible formula is combined with amino proteins to revitalize and protect every hair type.” (emphasis added)

          (source: http://www.amazon.com/Hask-Placenta-Henna-2-Oz/dp/B000926WME)

          So, that is probably why you have that problem. Sounds like protein overload. You need to follow protein with a protein-free moisturizing DC. I’d suggest getting something like the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Mask or whatever works for you and adding more EVOO or doing an EVOO and/or VCO pre-poo followed by a moisturizing DC and see if that helps. Sorry that you lost your curls. I have to think that it is a temporary condition as the protein will eventually wash out of your hair. However, you should make certain that nothing you are using has protein in it, as you may exacerbate the situation and if you make it worse, it could result in breakage. So, I’d suggest moisturizing your situation! Good luck lady!


          • omg shelli! See this is why my hair needs you in its life!!! I didnt realize i did a double protein treatment… my poor strands smh Im going to get some good DC’s now because I was only DC with the henna placenta. Thank you SOOOOO Much 😉


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