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Too Cool!!


Okay, this is just one of those random moments when I can’t help but share something that I “discovered” with all of you :)! When I saw someone in my office eating what looked like a French fry with ketchup only to discover that it was a piece of pound cake with icing, I thought that it was such an awesome and creative way to serve a dessert! I know that many of you are mothers, so I was thinking that you might love this idea for your child’s next party :)! Check out the “how to” for this easy, peasy, lemon squeezy dessert on parenting.com here!

My co-worker crinkle cut the pound cake and browned it in the broiler, so that the cake pieces looked even more fry-like!! In fact, check out this version from JanRamonCakes where the crinkle cut “fries” top cupcakes!!

Okay, enough of that, this is making me HUNGRY and CONFUSED!! Do I want salty fries or sweet cake?!?


Final GOC Update: Adrienne


by Adrienne (Second Wave) of Natural Embrace

I didn’t really get the hang of my regimen until November, so I can’t say that this challenge was completely successful. But in the last few months, I have noticed that my hair does seem healthier, if not much longer. The first picture shows what little growth I’ve achieved (after a brief stint at straightening that I decided not to finish and opted to try Naptural85’s Winter Wash and Go instead). I think most of that was due to starting my method of leaving in a deep conditioner instead of a lighter leave-in.

July 2011

January 2012

I love forward to taking part in the next GOC segment! I’m going to continue with my regimen. But, until the next challenge starts, I’ve decided to do something a little different. At the end of January, I installed yarn braids and I did them all myself! I didn’t think that I could do it, but it was so much easier than I expected. It also only took about ten and a half hours, which was nice because I’d been reading posts about people taking 20 to 24 hours! My braids aren’t very small and the braiding isn’t perfect, but it’ll hold together for the next six weeks until I take them out, take a two week break, and put them back in.

Prior to putting them in, I made sure my hair was super moisturized and sealed, that way I won’t suffer from any dryness
over the next few weeks. I’m only going to do this style for the remaining cold weather season. I can’t see this style working for me in the summer since I think I’d get too hot. I wish I had done the yarn braids sooner! I love them and I love that I can just get up and go in the mornings. I want to try curling the ends some time, because I’m not digging the straight look too much and think the curls would be a cute addition.

As for fitness, I did pretty well in January. I made it to the gym about four times a week. And, in the last two weeks, I started the Insanity workout and … well the name is pretty accurate. I thought I was getting into shape by running on the treadmill and doing Stairmaster. But clearly my cardio is lacking, because a thirty minute cardio segment on Insanity literally leaves me gasping on the floor. I’ve had these DVDs for months and I’m only just now doing this workout. I don’t know what took me so long, but I’m glad I started! I don’t follow the six days a week schedule, but I try to do at least five, so hopefully I’ll start to see results soon!


Success isn’t always just the goal, it’s often the journey Adrienne! So, with that said, I’d call this GOC a success as you’ve learned how to better care for your hair during this process. So, congrats! And, can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish and learn in Round Two!!

Here’s a little tip! If you would like to see all of the updates of any of our GOCers, just enter their name in the “Search” box on the right ——->>>>! The results will return all of their updates (and guest posts) since the beginning of the GOC!! See where it all began and how they progressed over the course of the challenge!

Layering for Interest


No hair news. I’m still rocking the same Chinese bun from Monday, so looks like I’ll be able to stretch wash day to this weekend. So, dun dun dun!!!! Lucky you, you get another OOTD post ;)! *lol*

Today on, “From Shelli’s Closet,” we’re talking layers! So, I’m a big fan of layering. I think it adds personality and interest to otherwise standard office fare and classic pieces. Yesterday, I started with a floral print, button-top jersey knit dress that I picked up from H&M several years ago.

The dress is fine solo and I could have stopped here. But, I love the look of a short sleeve over a longer sleeve, especially with the contrast of a solid against a print. That was the look I was going for here, so I layered a simple and basic short sleeve, scoop neck black sweater (old from Marshall’s) over the floral print dress, allowing the slightly longer sleeves of the under layer to remain exposed.

The two-strand necklace. which I actually looped to make it appear shorter in the pic without the sweater, …

… is allowed to hang at its full length. I then added a second coordinating beaded-strand and the matching earrings (all of which I purchased from Burlington Coat Factory a little over two years ago) to complete the top half of the look.

I debated about wearing my wide patent leather belt with no necklaces, …

… but decided to use the self-belt from the dress over the sweater this time instead.Finally, I added pink round-toe, ankle strap pumps from Parade (awwww, I miss Parade of Shoes terribly … Payless just isn’t cuting it :(.). The pink in shoes picked up on the pink accents in the dress.

However, to tell you the truth, what I really would have loved for this outfit are a pair of camel-colored, round-toe, platform pumps something like these!!

I need to add this basic to my shoe wardrobe! I have a low loafer, high loafer, two pairs of peep-toes and pointy toes in this nude (for browner folk;), camel color. However, no round-toe or round-toe platform. So, I’ll definitely be trying to make this addition to my closets. In case you are wondering why I would wear this color shoe with an essentially black and white outfit, a shoe that closely matches your complexion makes the legs look longer and leaner as they eye doesn’t “break.” The shoe “reads” as a neutral and creates a long line down your exposed leg to your toes due to the skin-tone matching color. I also think it adds a layer of sophistication as it moves a look away from being “matchy matchy.”

On another note, I snagged my last pair of Hue “Rich Pecan” nude* pantyhose with my necklace as I was bending down to set up the mirror for these photos!! I’m mad that Hue doesn’t seem to make these for “us” anymore and I live in an area where they must not think brown folk live!! I can’t find a pair of coffee, pecan, walnut, cinnamon … and whatever else food they call our skin-tones … pantyhose for anything!!

Any suggestions for where I can buy reasonably priced, won’t-run-on-the-first-wear pantyhose in our colors?!?

*Funny side story: I had to explain to a few Caucasian friends that “nude” hose are only nude for THEM. I advised that,
“Nude is not ‘clear.’ So, until it is, if someone of color wears nude hose, we’ll be looking ashy.” It was funny to see the lightbulbs go on!!

Wardrobe Building Tips:
So, I’ll finish this little post with a few tips that I think might be helpful, if you’re trying to figure out how to expand your wardrobe in a way that allows you to mix and match and also add interest to your outfits.

  • Shop when you aren’t looking for anything in particular. I almost NEVER find what I want when I want it on “targeted” shopping expeditions. However, when I’m there, just browsing with no goal in mind, I almost always end up with great finds and a cart full of stuff.
  • Look for/buy quality, classic and basic pieces that go with many things (i.e., black trousers, A-line skirt and pencil skirt, neutral blazers, solid tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve sweaters and button down shirts/blouses, black, brown and tan/camel pumps, skinny and wide black belts, etc.).
  • Look for unique, stand-out pieces that will add interest to your basic pieces (i.e., patterned shoes, non-traditional vests, patterned blazers, items with prints, embroidery, sequins, etc.).
  • Try things on in the store before discounting them! There is something to be said for “hanger appeal,” but you may miss out on some great items if you never try anything on and judge everything by how it looks on the hanger.


Do you like to layer? What are your favorite layered looks?