Project Scale Down: Day 28 …


… put me on my butt!!! I did hot yoga again last night. My thighs and boo-tay were already sore from Sunday and I was done towards the end of the class and in child’s pose for the last couple of segments. When I got home, I couldn’t function afterwards. I took a shower and tried to recover on the couch for 20 minutes, so that I could get up, eat and write posts for today. The only thing I did was halfway sit-up on the couch, eat most of a Salmon Lean Cuisine, started to feel a bit nauseous, drank some water and crawled to bed for the night. So, I’m writing this post, gonna try to do two of the posts I planned for day and then get to work!!!

Day 28:

  • 75 minutes hot yoga. 

(I’d feel more enthused if I had made it 28 days straight, but after missing not 1, but 2 days, this is feeling a little like an empty victory. Nothing to it, but to do it! Or try it … again!)





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  1. Hey you did it and that’s what matters! I’m sending you vibes of encouragement. GOC is almost over and I’m finally getting up to speed with the exercise, Lol! I resumed my kettlebell workout today and I feel great. Tomorrow- Treadmill!

    PS- My victory? My hair flourished during the GOC and my regimen is now set. (dancing)


  2. Hey Shelli. Girl don’t sweat missing a coupla days . The point is that you’re getting sh$t done! Lord knows I’ve beaten myself up for missing a day here or there, but I get right back up and THAT’S what counts. Your project scale down is helping me stay motivated so don’t ever think this is an empty victory 🙂 Thanks to you I’ve FINALLY got my fitness regimen down. . . . so keep it moving girl! You can do it! ~ Icela,


  3. Thanks ladies and that is so awesome re: your hair Viv and getting back on the wagon and your getting your fitness regimen down Icela! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement ladies!! It really helps me to know that something I’ve done has helped you!!


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