Project Scale Down: Days 24, 25 & 26 & Cardio Kickboxing


Unfortunately, I’m posting today to admit that I didn’t make it.

Day 24: Fail

Day 25: Fail

I was just soooo mentally and physically exhausted on Thursday and Friday … again, big project at work that … YEA! I did get done on Friday!! All eyes were on me on this one and I was very anxious about getting it completed as there were a lot of moving parts that needed to align. Add to that, really super late nights working on the blog all week meant that I didn’t get to bed before midnight even one night all week. These are all really excuses though, because I could have done 10-20 minutes immediately upon arriving home. But, I sat down in front of the computer instead. So, it’s ultimately all about choices and I made the wrong one and am accountable for my decisions.

But, on a good note, just finished Day 26 at about 11:30 pm! Wait, can I call it Day 26 or is it Day 1 again? Whatever! I’m going with 26 and then, I think I’m going to try to keep going for as long as I can again with at least 20 minutes every day!! But, I’ll group my postings over several days or weekly so as not to bore you ladies.

As to my workout today, I tried to pseudo make-up for two my two missed days. I ordered the Kathy Smith Cardio Knockout DVD on Amazon for $6.99 a couple of weeks ago (it’ up to $10.89 right now! I guess I got super lucky!). Back in the day, like 2002 or so, a friend of mine dubbed the Kickboxing routine with Keith Cook for me on VHS. I had surgery to remove fibroids and had put on a lot of weight due to inactivity and eating everything and anything under the sun! (Sadly, immediately prior to finding out I needed surgery, I was in amazing condition.) So, I was in “Project Scale Down” mode back then too, I just didn’t call it that ;).

Anywho, I really liked this routine and have used it many times over the year. But, the VCR is upstairs and I have the DVD player in my little “faux gym” in the basement. So, I needed it on DVD and, fortunately, found it with two other workouts to boot! I haven’t tried them yet, but I did the Keith Cook Kickboxing tonight and was feeling good baby!

A few things  of note. First, Kathy Smith doesn’t have great form, but Keith does. So, it’s all good. Two, as with most exercise DVDs that I’ve used, the music is pretty booty. So, what I do is play my own CD/music over it once I know the routine well enough to not to need to hear the instructor anymore:)! Three, the DVD box indicates that this workout is 120 minutes. I have no idea from where they got that number. It’s 55 minutes.

Day 26:

  • 55 minutes Kathy Smith/Keith Cook Kickboxing (10 min. warm-up; 30 min. kickboxing routine; 5 min. buns & thighs kicking drills; 5 min. cool down; 5 min abs & back strengthening)


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  1. I feel you on the whole ‘priorities’ thing when it comes to exercise. I was not part of your GOC challenge but I have been working out to get back to my pre baby weight – by the way that baby is now 5 years old, and at school!!! Anyhoo I went 7 weeks without hitting the gym because that baby girl was on summer school holidays. Thank goodnes they go back to school this week.
    So if you’re wondering where we are – well it’s Australia and school goes back on Monday.
    And yes I kept my promise I have commented when I have read your posts, officially not a lurker anymore =))).
    By the way you made my day by answering my post….


    • Australia?!?! OMGosh, do you know that I’ve wanted to go to Australia since I was a little girl!!! It’s my dream spot!! I don’t even know why, it’s just some place that I always thought would be beautiful! But, the flight is killer!!!

      And, are you kidding me?? I love you guys:)! I try to reply to comments as much as possible to show how much I appreciate them:). Sometimes I’m a little delayed as I have to prioritize researching for posts, writing posts, taking pics, etc. But, I try to be pretty good:).

      As to the work-out thing, LOL @ the … “that baby is now 5 years old.” LOL!!! I just hope that I can get it back together after having a child. I give all the kudos to in the world to moms because you guys have to do it all!! I say to my mom friends all the time, “I don’t think I can do it!! I’m tired all of the time NOW!!” They say, “Yes you can Shelli, you just will.” We’ll see!!


  2. I used to workout to Kathy in the 90’s. Shes good. Now I work out to Jari Love and I want to try Tracy Anderson. Have you tried them? You made up for the 2 days you missed doing a whole hour.


    • Hi Nikki, I haven’t even HEARD of either of them. What type of routines do they do. And, that’s what I was going for … trying to make up for the missed 2 days … which continues now as I’m about to head to a 75 minute hot yoga class!


  3. Hey again! Jari Love has compound excercises. I have “Get ripped to the core” and “Get ripped & Chiseled” And they are both very good. I also just got her “Body Rock” which is horrible. And Tracy Anderson’s workout will be considered dance aerobics and toning, I guess. There’s some free workouts if you search Tracy Anderson on youtube. I don’t own any of her dvd’s yet but have mooched off her free ones 🙂


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