Another Fabu Style with Twist Extensions


I’m sitting here getting my, “My Little Pony” on, which will be followed by getting my “Pound Puppies” on. Hey, I’m a big kid at heart:). I’ve always said, when I have kids, we’ll be fighting over which cartoons we’re going to watch. Of course … I’ll always win (Gotta teach them what a good cartoon is;)).

But random insights into my Saturday morning aside, came across this video yesterday of a super fly, big twist updo style! There are three videos in the tutorial, but the finished look is shown at the beginning of the first one as well as at the end of the last video. This really has me contemplating attempting to do my own big twists in a few weeks! And, the technique she uses is exactly what I said I would do the next time!

via Torridiana777

She uses Marley hair, but I’d use my Nafy Afro Puffy Twist hair. Although, you know, the Marley hair might be easier to work with for my first attempt on my own hair … hmmmmm.


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  1. I am a zumba Instructor ans i dance daily, i need a low maintinance protective stye ans i think these large twists are PERFECT. Can you please give a full discription of the hair she used, brand and style… and where i can get it.


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