Quick Faux Length Check Video



I took my bun down to moisturize and seal my ends and thought it looked pretty decent. So, I started to take pics to post for you guys and then thought, “Why not make a quick video? I haven’t done one of those in forever.” So, here it is. Nothing much, but just figured I’d switch it up a little :).

Official length check next month. And, stay tuned for details about a Hairscapades Meet-Up to end this Grow Out Challenge and an announcement about the next GOC!!


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  1. I know I might have missed this somewhere but what is your goal length for that beautiful head of hair of yours!!!?

    Congrats on wonderful growth! Your hair is gorg!!


    • Thank you ladies:).

      Petra, full thickness waist length is my ultimate goal for now. But WL was the goal for the end of this month.

      Misha, LOL!! Btw, did you change your blog address? I tried using the old link I had in my bookmarks, but it takes me to a google sign in page and your gravatar doesn’t seem to have your blog link either.


        • Oh, okay. And thank you, it is! I would have never guessed how much if I’d never done it! But, I love it so much! I do need to segment the work on it a little bit better in the grand scheme of my life though! It can become all-consuming! But, since I don’t have any kids and it’s not hurting anyone, I feel like I can do it now.


  2. Your hair is beautiful; you inspire me to be natural. I love the volume of natural hair!
    ive been transitioning for 8 months but i dont know when ill be fully natural becuase im terrified of the BigChop. Mostly becuz i have a HugeHead; seriously its massive.. So yeah.. i might need to transtion for 8 more months, at least, to camouflage the boulder on my neck. lol.


  3. It looks so thick and healthy! Thanks for the encouragement to care for my hair and to get in shape, because your motivating message has not been in vain. GOC 2012, I’m ready!


    • Thanks ladies!

      Toya, you are too funny:)! And, with patience and gentle handling, you can do it!! I’ve seen a few ladies transition for up to 2 years!! So, if you are doing well, keep it going. Short hair isn’t for everyone. I big chopped and it was cool (easy to wash), but ultimately, I prefer myself with longer hair (ear length curly or longer).

      Thanks Freddie … it’s coming:)!!


    • I don’t know if you can even call it a process Sheena. I split my hair in two, took about a dime size amount of the ghee on my palm and smoothed it out, then smoothed it down the left side of my hair, probably about the last 6 inches or so. Then, I put about a dime size amount of JBCO/EVOO and repeated the same application. Then I did the other side. I try to focus more on my crown areas than the front, as that’s the area that gets the driest and is most breakage-prone. Hope that helps!


    • Thank you lady! Looks like you have some gorg hair from your avatar! Sure you’ll get here too! This is the longest my hair has ever been and I still think I’m working on getting it right. I’m pretty sure my hair isn’t as thick as it could be down the full length because I wan’t using protein treatments and I know over-zealous hennaing resulted in a looser curl than I ever wanted. So, we’re gonna just keep building ;)!!


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