What’s in Your Cabinets? Tiffany’s Stash


by Tiffany M. (Second Wave)

I’ve been straight since the major hair crisis I had on Black Friday back in November. Well, this weekend was my henna time. I was gathering up my supplies and I was looking at my “hair and other things” closet. Like, damn, this is a mess!

I was wondering how other hair follower’s closets look (i.e., all of you product junkies ;)). I don’t have half the stock you have Shelli, I could only imagine what my closet would look like if I did.

It’s time to clean house!


Yeah, I think that you’re right Tiffany, you’re not at my PJ level yet;). But, you’ve got quite a stash there. What we need from you now is mini reviews of the products in your closet! What worked and what didn’t? Oh yeah, and in true PJ fashion, what do you still want to try?!


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  1. That’s a modest stash. I myself never have more than a dozen products. Given that my hair is dense and long, I go through them pretty fast anyways.


  2. Well I havent tried alot of products, but I would like to try Oyin burnt sugar pomade , and some aubrey products and i want to make some Kimmay tube leave in (ive been putting it off for a while now) Wonder curls after seeing the interview with the creator her curls are poppin!. Ill give you a reiview for kinky curly curling custard (Hated it).
    Sister is teaching me how to extreme coupon (product hoard thats what I call it) to never have to pay for deodorant, pads, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash,and toothbrushed ever again. That post will be forthcomming after my research is done.


  3. I have about this same amount of products but only use a few. I’m currently transitioning, so when I buy a product and it doesn’t impress me, I just move it to the back of the shelf and promise myself that I’ll try it again when I’m fully natural (so that I don’t feel like I’m wasting too much money.) LOL! I really don’t know what I’ll do if these products don’t work on my fully natural hair either…


    • Miche’al you are funny, because you keep trying to raid my cabinets!! Two products my right toe ;)! LMBO!! Just kidding! I know … you have to FIND the two products before you can narrow it down to them;)!! LOL!!


  4. You have me beat by a mile lol. I used to be a pj my first year being natural but now that I know what my hair likes I stick with a few butters.


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