Sooner or Later, They All Come Around


So, I’m on my way to work today, and I get a text from my girl Beck. She’s like, “Can I have a bobby pin for my hair when u get in?” See, she knows I keep my little Altoids Hair Emergency Kit in my purse;)!

These pic are from May; it has a set of Goody Spin Pins and big dooby pins in it now too!

So, I get to work and shoot her an e-mail to let her know that I’m in my office. She comes up and … what the what?!?!

I was like …. “Oooooh Beck!!! That’s my style!! Were you on the site?!?!” And she grinned and was like, ‘Yeah.” Beck has a lot of long, thick wavy hair that she often puts up with a clip. So, this was different for her and she said, “It took me, like, 2 minutes!” I was like, exactly! That’s what I do, Simple and Quick Protective Styles! Of course I was tickled pink and she let me take pics to share on the site:)! First buns, next it’ll be henna … don’t get it twisted, I got Beck and my other non-Black friend asking about henna last summer!! I’m thinking I’m gonna have to get her to read my post on Color Options with BAQ Henna … get her to try cassia … maybe mix it with a little henna and indigo for a reddish brown effect ;)!!


(That’s my evil laugh as I contemplate how I’m going to take over the world!! Where’s Pinky when you need him? ;))


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    • Curlybean, and any old type of candy tin or container works! This thing can be a little lifesaver:)!

      LOL!! Right Maria?? But, was it Pinky’s fault or Brain’s?!?!


  1. Oh my Greatness Beck, great job on the hairstyle. I have non-black co-worker asked me about Henna, but she wanted me to do her hair. Her hair is chemically dyed, oh and she is like 6 months pregnant now. I told her I could do a strand test first. She keeps mentioning for me to do her hair a few months later, however I don’t think she is serious about it.


  2. You would be surprised by all the different nationalities who have hair types very similar to ours. I’ve very proud of the natural hair movement….now we got to motivate others to embrace their curly fierceness!


    • Glad that you guys appreciated this one:)!! This is my girl! She is a riot, smart and down to earth. I mean shoot, she let me take her pic and post this on the site! That’s a friend and that’s love!

      Marsha, She told me at work today, “I’m SERIOUS about the henna!”


  3. I like this style. It kinds of reminds me of the style that Draya from LA Basketball wives wear. I’ve been trying to find a photo of her style but its such a cute protective style!


  4. Funny. One of my colleagues has been stalking me for my small heart shaped banana clips. I already gave her my ouch less elastic bands since I don’t use them anymore (solely a banana clip girl now). It’s so bad I planning on taking these knuckleheads on a “hair supply field trip” after work! Its all good though. We are bunning and 2 strand twisting our booties off!


  5. I LOVE THIS POST! I’m always product swapping w/ my curly-haired co-worker; she loved KCKT 🙂

    OMG… you have changed my life with this Altoids tin! I have been needing something like this for my elastics & bobby pins. I loose them everywhere. THANKS!!!


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