Ahhh … That’s More Like It


LOL! So, as I told you guys yesterday, I set my hair in 9 twists on Tuesday night using a little Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly after I sealed my hair with an EVOO/JBCO mix. That wouldn’t be my typical order of products, but I decided to do the twists after I had already sealed my hair and thought I would try the Jelly to see if it would give me a nice, firm set.

I’ve had a sample size of the WC Get Set Jelly for a while now. But, I’d only used the tiniest amount on my roots for a TnC set. So, I didn’t have a real feeling for it. However, I really liked the consistency for setting my twists. It’s not a wet gel, it’s more firm and … well … jelly-like in consistency. That’s a good indicator for me that it will provide a firm hold that will resist humidity. Eco Styler gel has a similar consistency, but the Get Set Jelly is definitely firmer. My hair had a nice sheen in the twists too … don’t know if that was the kimmaytube leave-in, the oil or the Jelly, but it was all good.

Wednesday morning, I released and fluffed the twists and wore my hair out for the day. This is what it looked like when I got home after work.

As you can see from the first pic, the back looked a lot better than it did after my WnG (see my post from yesterday)! The curl pattern has been evened out and the perimeter appears fuller due to the twist-out. As to the WC Get Set Jelly, I’m definitely going to be experimenting with it a little more! But, for now, the hair has gone into a bun where it will remain for the rest of the week!

On another note, figured I’d show you how I winterized another summer piece a la my post, Wear it in Summer, Wear it in Winter. This time, I layered a thin black tee-shirt turtleneck over a black eyelet skirt and paired it with a suede swing jacket, a wide suede belt, black fishnet stockings and black suede, slouchy knee boots.

Everything in my outfit is a few years old, but here’s a run down in case you are interested! The skirt is from The Loft and part of a matching set (top and skirt). I got it on clearance a few summers ago. The turtleneck is from Kohl’s and was probably less than $10. The suede swing jacket is from Marshall’s and I found it on the clearance rack for $15 (someone at work liked it so much, I picked one up for her too!). The belt is a hand-me-down from an old suit my aunt was giving me. I didn’t want the suit, but I snagged up the awesome belt! The boots are Michael Kors that I picked up from Marshall’s for $69, I think. I bought them for $99, then saw them at another Marshall’s for $69 in the wrong size … did a little switcheroo and got the right size for the lesser price. Score! I LOVE these boots! They are soooo comfortable and can be worn high or low. I wear the heck out of them during fall and winter!

Lata Gatas!!


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    • Glad that you like this one Tiffany! Sorry you didn’t like your hair:(. I think your hair looks pretty now matter what … it was just fluffy instead of defined. Maybe a little gel will help hold the definition of your TnC though?


  1. That’s more like it! Man, it looks so healthy. I shouldn’t even be commenting considering I have YET to send any update pics and I’ve had some pretty decent growth too. I haven’t seen my camera since the summer time and I’m convinced that my son hid it, tired of me taking pics. Excuses, excuses…I know. I’ll make it happen. I love your outfit by the way!!


    • Yeah Valencia!!! No excuses ;)!! There were 50 ladies from the start and I want updates from EVERYONE, regardless of how little they think they have to show/say! You hear me ladies ;)?? Seriously though, in my opinion, it’s not about REACHING the goal, it’s about being consistent and, even if we’re not, always striving to get better :).


  2. Love love LOVE this post!! Hair and fashion – the best of both worlds!! Lol. And your hair turned out AH-mazing!!! I wonder how my hair would turn out if I applied gel on top of the KT leave-in… 😉


    • Thanks Marsha and Lauren :)! Lauren, I’d suggest allowing your hair to dry with the kimmaytube leave-in and THEN applying the gel to do the set. This way, you can control the amount of gel you use. Too much gel can make your hair a hard mess!


  3. I love Kohls! You can always find something there on sale that looks fashionable. Also, I think the most fashionable people know how to mix and match for a different look. It doesn’t always have to be expensive either. Good job!


    • Tya, I don’t frequent Kohl’s too often, even though it’s less than a 1/2 mile from my job. But, you definitely can find some cute basics there for super reasonable prices. And I am definitely all about playing with fashion on a budget ;)!

      Monet, thank you ma’am:)! LOL!


    • Michelle, I have that too. I tried it on twists once … it worked about the same for me as Murray Lock and Loc gel. I find them a little looser/wetter than the Jelly and Eco Styler.

      Thanks CCM:)!!!


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