Protective Style for Short to Medium-Length Hair


by Sasha-Shanté

So, I know some of my short and medium length naturals might be wondering how do you do a protective style when your hair can’t reach into a ponytail? We all hear everyone saying, “Wear a bun,” but it’s hard when your hair can’t bun. That has been an issue of mine for a while. Most of my hair can reach into a ponytail, but the sides still don’t quite reach. I’ve tried to slick it back into a ponytail with some gel, but my hair hates when I use a ton of gel to hold it down. And I say my hair hates it because, halfway through the day, its starts to lift and curl and I look crazy.

So, I went back to an old hairstyle that I used to rock and is perfect for medium or even short length naturals to do: Braids! If you can cornrow, you can create this style.

I know how to cornrow very well, so I cornrow the front of my hair into the middle of my head, then I braid the back up and voilà! I have a ponytail!

I then attach my curly ponytail that I bought from the beauty supply store…

I fluffed and brushed it until it looked like this. I destroyed the original curl pattern but it looks more natural this way.

The ponytail has a draw string which makes it easy to attach.

As the week goes on, the braids get fuzzy and I use a little gel on the actual braids and brush them to smooth down any flyaway hairs.

If you think the puff is too wild or big and you’re looking for something smaller, you can also make a bun. This was made using the same type of ponytail but longer hair and just bun it.

If you’re worried that you can’t cornrow, you can braid your whole head like I braid the back of my hair. I part my hair in small squares and braid them. I then attach one to the other to form a faux cornrow. I do the back of my hair like that because I cannot cornrow my hair upwards. The ponytail is also easy to put in each morning, so I take it down each night and put it back up in the morning. Plus, taking it down each night gives me the opportunity to moisturize the ends and oil my scalp.

I hope that helps. If you don’t like how it looks the first time, try again. Cornrows take time to perfect. You can always pay someone to braid your hair also … like me! I will definitely braid for a small fee :-)!


LOL! I can cornrow, but a sista’ needs some help with two strand flat twists! Don’t know why, but I can’t figure out how to do those neatly or tightly yet! On another note, this is also a great protective style for those with longer hair, especially if it is fine! Don’t want to cut your hair, but love the look of a puff, snap on one in a minute! You can rock all different lengths, textures and size puffs, ponies and buns! Hmmm, you got me thinking about pulling out my faux ponytails now! It’s been a while:)!


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