Faking the Funk


Oh yeah, I’m faking it. You see, yesterday, I washed my hair in the morning, applied kimmatube leave-in and set my hair in 6 twists for the two hour drive to my Trenton office. I released the twists while my hair was still damp and allowed it to dry the rest of the day. After work, I pulled the front back into the mini-poof (I wore it parted down the middle all day).

It was looking all lion’s mane big (the pictures aren’t doing the volume justice) and I was loving it. I LOVE big hair! It also had a mostly consistent wave pattern, shine and defintion … until … dum dum DUUUUUUM!!!

Well, what the?!?! It’s like a different head of hair! LOL! Actually, this isn’t news to me. If you’ve been around here a while, you’ve “heard” me talk about the four different textures on my head, the coarsest, kinkiest, most delicate, porous, breakage and frizz-prone of which is my crown.

Comparison of front hair to the crown.

I actually love the texture of my crown, as this is where I get the lushest twists. However, that hair definitely presents challenges due to its porosity and delicacy. Also, having a large section in the middle of your head with a more pronounced shrinkage rate than your front and nape produces a “unique” rear view when you’re trying to wear a WnG.

I use the hair that forms the poof to camouflage/blend the two textures, but not much can be done for the gappiness. Don’t get me wrong, the crown is also shorter, which contributes to the appearance of the perimeter (recently read this post on BGLH that indicates shorter hair in the crown causes this “W” shape). But, the shrinkage is also a significant factor … I think … I hope!

So yeah, just wanted to show you all that it’s not all peaches and cream over here. I definitely have my challenges … most recently?  I’ve been struggling with nasty little knots during my last two washes and have had to resort to using a pin to loosen several little buggers … and scissors on a couple of occasions too :(! I’m really hoping that this recent turn in events is only due to the first post twist wash session and bad bunning of 3 day old hair last week. I think that I had more trapped shed hair than normal (my daily shedding is almost non-existent now). Guess we’ll see on my next wash day. I sealed my hair with a JBCO/EVOO mix and then set it in nine twists with a little Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly to stretch it. I plan to wear it out today and bun the right way the rest of the week. So, keeping my fingers crossed that my next detangling sessions will go a lot more smoothly than the last two!

Anyway, back to the crazy texture difference. This is Why TnCs Are My Friend ;)!!

(ETA: Check out how a TnC saved the day again here.)


Are you challenged with significantly different textures? How many and where? How do you manage them?


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    • I know, right? Wait until you start getting grey too *smh*. *lol*

      But, you learn to work with it. TnCs and twist outs definitely helped me and you have the roller set DOWN!!


      • Wait until I start?! Girl, have you seen the patch of grey in the crown of my head? It has already begun. But why is it so different than the rest of my hair? I mean, isn’t it enough that you’re a different color than everything else, but then you wanna be a different texture too? UGH…


  1. Very pretty hair, “all textures” lol lol. I love the length and fullness you have. I find it helpful to use different products on my different textures or sections. My hair is like yours where the back is tighter and a ton more shrinkage but I add a little more heavier product the the thicker section verses the front which is looser. I am going to try the JBCO/EVOO mix to seal with, never mixed the 2. Thanks


  2. Hmm yeah ummm challenges? your hair looks just gorgeous! it looks like its got even more curly.

    by the way i was looking at Chicoro’s pic in her email the other day and I sware you look alike! have you ever got that?


    • Awww, thanks Michelle and Coco!! Coco, you know, I apply more conditioner and kimmaytube leave-in to that section, but I don’t mix a heavier batch and I hadn’t applied anything else that day. I just think I have to twist outs and TnC if I want any semblance of a uniform texture.

      Michelle, someone else did say that. I can’t remember who. I can see the resemblance somewhat … I think it’s the big eyes and straightish nose:).


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