Breakage vs. New Hair: UPDATE!


Tips and Tricks: Number Sixteen

This is just a quick post to provide an update and tip. Back in July 2011, I did this post on Breakage vs. New Hair. In it, I explained that I had experienced breakage in my crown in Jan-Feb 2010 and excessive shedding that began mid-2010 and continued through early 2011 (with a resurgence this past fall). So, I had a lot of short hairs and did some research to try to determine if it was due to breakage or regrowth. I suspected that it was new hairs though. Anywho, I shared the pic above to illustrate that post.

Well, yesterday, I was examining the same area of my crown and noticed that the hair was significantly shorter than the adjacent areas. At first, I became upset because I thought that it was breakage. Then, the memory of my old post hit me! So, I took a photo to compare what seemed to be the same area.

Well color ME happy!! It looks like I was a little further back then the first pic, but the hair slightly forward was even longer!  I’m pretty sure now that this was that same new hair that has grown rather than new breakage. Therefore, although I posted earlier today that my “W” shaped perimeter was indicative of a shorter crown, I’m comforted that this area is actually growing. I will continue to keep an eye on it and plan on testing Chicoro’s Lead Hair Theory by keeping my lead hair at waist length and seeing if the bulk of my hair, including the shorter areas in the crown, will “catch up” with it.

The Tip:
Photo documenting is invaluable! If you are concerned about a specific area or working towards a goal, pictures are a great tool that will serve you far better than memory. My immediate gut reaction to the shorter area in my crown was, “Dang!!  It’s breaking badly!!” But, having an older photo that I could reference saved me from the anxiety of contemplating a potentially drastic and unnecessary cut!

So, if you have hair goals, are working on building a regimen and/or are trying to determine what products and techniques work best for you, I’d definitely recommend taking pictures. And, don’t forget to date them! Fortunately for me, the blog is a FABULOUS log and photo journal:)! However, prior to that, I just used a Facebook album. So, do whatever works for you!


Do you use photographs to document your hair journey, monitor the results of your regimen and/or product choices and/or evaluate progress towards goals? Any advice for those who’d like to start a photo journal?


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  1. I have taken many pictures to document and compare on my quest to a healthier head of hair. I have a album on my computer that I update from time to time. Pictures are definitely great for seeing any progress, or setbacks.


  2. I went through the same near-panic attack a few months ago when I thought all those short hairs were breakage! And I’m psyched that you’re doing Chicoro’s Lead Hair Yheory! I didn’t know your hair had reached waist length! Congrats!! I got Grow It for Christmas so I’m seeing if I can implement her Lead Hair theory as well.


  3. Marsha, you have the blog too to help track everything!

    Sheena, it really is soooo helpful!! I have been keeping my pictures in monthly folders since I started blogging last February (or was it March) for the GOC. So, that helps me stay organized too!

    Look at you Gina … all on it and stuff. You’re going to be a natural hair guru in no time;)!

    Lauren, I wasn’t originally going to officially test it. But, I’m thinking this would be a good goal for the next GOC! Also, I’m not totally certain that I reached WL, but I’m pretty sure the longest hair is there. It’s not full thickness there though … and that was really my goal at the beginning of the GOC that started last February. I wanted to reach WL, full thickness. So, still working on it:).


  4. It’s crazy! I notice the same thing about my hair at certain times of the year. I don’t really take pics to document my hair but I take them using my webcam often or at family gatherings and since I have a huge family that’s usually once or twice a month. But I do look back on my pictures every now and then and I focus on my hair and skin when I do more than anything else.

    I will this weekend though because I want to document the length of my hair pre-trim and pre-braiding and compare it to what it is after I take my hair out. (Not only to document the length of my hair but to be able to pay attention to whether the styles I’m wearing are effecting my hair in I want my hair back to waist length and it grows faster when braided. So I’m back to braids for the year 2012 and I’ll document my journey with pics.


  5. I agree on the photos thing. I wish I had taken a pic of my crown last April. It had broken to at least 2 inches and now it appears to be about 7 inches.

    I’m about to do a t-shirt length check for the back on Feb 1st

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  6. I have a hard time taking photos of my hair so I don’t take as much as I should. The photos usually ends up blurry or out of place. I may need to invest in a real camera and tripod at a certain point.


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