December GOC Update: Kendall


by Kendall (First Wave)

Man oh man where has the time gone?! I really fell off about keeping the GOC updated on my hair happenings (sorry blame grad school … and holiday hibernation).

So, as far as fitness, I just signed up for a gym membership. I miss taking those group classes. I took a hot yoga class last night that kicked my butt in a good way! So, I’m excited that I’ll have some new things to do to keep me active.

As far as hair goes, I straightened and got my ends trimmed right before New Year’s Eve. Compared to where I started with the challenge my hair looks so much fuller and healthier!

Late July 2011

It’s crazy how perspective can change over time. When  we started in July/August, I remember thinking, “Oh wow, my hair looks good!” … FALSE! Now, my hair looks “good” in comparison to where I started, but I just want to focus on getting my hair healthy! I can’t really tell if the back of my hair has gotten that much longer, but I look at my bangs and I know something good is going on! They’re almost grown out! And, I have had bangs since forever, so I am SO happy to get rid of those suckers!

The no-heat makes a huge difference, I know. But, as I’m learning more about my hair, I’ve noticed that it’s still pretty dry. I usually leave conditioner in it, but, when I don’t, it usually dries out before I even have a chance to finish detangling. I’ve been doing research about how to fix this problem. But, I think it may mean I have porous hair? I just bought some new products to try out from Aubrey Organics.  They’re all focused on dry brittle hair. Hopefully, this will help seal in the moisture!!

Shampoo: Green Tea Cleansing
Conditioner: Honeysuckle Rose
Deep Conditioner: Jojoba and Aloe Desert Herb

I should probably share a pic of how I actually wear my hair every day! LOL! So, here’s my go to style.

After I take down my twists, I put Vatika oil on the ends and the it goes up into a bun. I try to switch it around so that it’s not always high and sometimes I add parts or french braids in the front. But, I never wear my hair out when it’s curly.

Sorry about the picture quality! Talk to you curlies soon!



Looking good Kendall! Glad to have you back :)!! I definitely see an increase in length and thickness! My hair is porous too and dries quickly if I don’t apply any product to it. However, it takes FOREVER AND A DAY to dry with a leave-in. I find that henna treatments and the kimmaytube leave-in both help with my porosity issues and my hair retains moisture pretty well due to pre-poos with Vatika oil/EVOO and regular DCs. 

Any words of advice from you ladies on dealing with porous hair? 


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