Project Scale Down: Days 18 & 19


Blah … got 10 minutes in really late the last two nights … like, after 11 pm and just got finished before midnight tonight. Really need to exercise and get to bed earlier. On another note, saw Red Tails tonight. It was pretty decent. I support it for the same reason I support comic book movies. Even if a movie is bad, mediocre or just okay, I want to show Hollywood that there is an audience so that they’ll keep making the genre. Hopefully, the more they make, the better they’ll get. If those of us who want these types of movies don’t support them, we’ll prove the Hollywood execs right and we’ll never get those truly brilliant stories.

Day 18:

  • 10 minute Abs of Steel routine. 

Day 19:

  • 12 minute Lauren Brooks Full Body Blast Kettlebell intervals routine. 


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