MLK Day Fun and Third Day Hair


See … what had happened was … LOL! I’ve been a little MIA on the hair posts front because I was on vacation from Saturday through Wednesday. Also, my hair was pretty much the same! The TnC held up really well from Saturday through Monday and I didn’t do much to it either. I put it in a high, pineapple ponytail using a Goody Ouchless elastic headband wrapped twice at night and wore a satin bonnet. Of course, I also travelled with my satin pillowcase and used that too ;). When I worked out, I wore the same pinapple with the Dri Fit headband. In the morning, I released the ponytail and used a little Wonder Curl Butter Than Love on my edges and smoothed down the length with some EVOO mixed with JBCO.

Monday … pre-emergency run to Benetton’s 50% off storewide sale for a sweater, hat and mittens! Brrrrr!

On Tuesday, it was starting to look a little wild, so I put it in a messy bun using Goody Spin Pins. And by messy, I don’t mean the bun, I mean the edges! Woof! I had noooo gel! LOL! So, I tried to use a headband to get it to lay down a little. It pseudo worked, but not really (no pics).

So, here are a few pictures of the MLK Jr. Memorial that we visited on Monday. It was very nice and there were a decent amount of people, but it wasn’t crazy. I would love to go back when the cherry blossoms are blooming or on a nice balmy, summer day!

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  1. Your hair always looks cute and your skin is flawless. Thanks for sharing the pics of the MLK Jr memorial, God willing one day I’ll see it in person.


    • Thanks for the kind words ladies! I was really happy that I got a chance to see the Memorial and can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer to spend some time in that whole plaza!

      Miche’al … are you kidding?!?! It was HORRENDOUS!!! LOL! But, as nightmarish as the 20 hour process was to remove it, my hair doesn’t seem to have sustained any/much damage:). It actually does look and feel great! I’m thinking I may not need to deep condition as often as I have been as my shedding and breakage seem almost non-existent this week, yet my hair feels soft and nice! I’m thinking I may experiment with shorter bi-weekly (once every two weeks) DCs for the next couple of months and see what happens!


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