Chris and Tomiko Talk About … Natural Hair


I got home from work today and Wei told me to check out this video by model/actress and fellow natural Tomiko Frasier and her husband Chris Hines. I love how he is always on the job;)!!

via chrisandtomikotalk2u

Can ya dig it?!? 


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  1. oh absolutely beautiful. i want that oohoohooh. seriously God bless u both. whoever said that black couples cannot have beautiful, healthy relationships. eat your hearts out.


  2. i’m glad that people like it … give it up for BLACK LOVE! … this isn’t just a front that they put on … they are really good peoples [yes i said peoples .. i kinda love that word!] … they live the life that they are sharing w/ the world … please support good people doing good things! oh … and you can follow them on twitter @ChrisAndTomiko … i hope to catch chris “on the streets” (that’s my version of “on the couch”) … SHINE


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