Project Scale Down: Day 17


I’ve been on vacation since last Saturday. I haven’t done as much exercise as I would have at home, but I’m very happy that I made sure I worked out every day despite bouncing from New Jersey to Washington, DC to North Carolina over the last five days. We didn’t get back until almost midnight last night, it was back to the office today and I worked late. I felt totally mentally and physically burned out when I got home … but again, this challenge is helping me to stay on track to get at least 10-20 minutes of exercise every day. Now, if only I was accountable for my diet over the last 5 days! Woof!! Saturday and Sunday weren’t bad, but Monday-Wednesday?! I don’t even want to talk about it!!

Day 17:

  • 6 minute Joint Mobility warm-up and 12 minute Lauren Brooks Full Body Blast Kettlebell interval routine. 


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