Project Scale Down: Days 15 & 16 & Jumping Rope


Nope, I didn’t mess up! Just didn’t get a chance to post before the end of the day yesterday! Yesterday, I took a page from Wei’s book. Jumping rope can be a very effective way to burn calories and tone the lower body. It’s also a very economical piece of fitness equipment as well as travel friendly.


If you’re looking for a way to switch up your workout routine, jumping rope is a low-impact way to burn calories and tone muscle. Jumping rope burns approximately 658 calories an hour, notes “Shape” magazine in the article “Break Out of Your Cardio Rut.” Although you may not be able to jump rope for a solid hour, add it to your workout routine as a fun way to burn calories and stay in shape.

Click the link to find a 10 minute, 100 calorie burning jump rope routine.

Day 15:

  • 10 minutes of jump rope (Whew!). 

Day 16:

  • 20 minutes on stationary bike. 


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