Project Scale Down: Day 14


He doesn't like to "work out."

Yea!!!!!  I made it to the halfway point of the 28 Day Challenge!! Wooh-hooh! Only 14 more days to go!

So, Wei and I were out and about all day and evening. On the way back home, he encouraged me that we only needed to do 10 minutes. We didn’t get in until 10:30, but I walked in the door and started changing into my exercise gear. He flopped on the bed. I said, “C’mon! Just 10 minutes!” And he obliged. It’s really a blessing to have someone who not only supports your goals, but actually helps you work towards achieving them … even when he/she isn’t too keen on some of the doing ;).

Day 14:

(I’ve been putting my hair in a pineapple using a Goody elastic headband wrapped twice, then throwing on my Dri Sweat Edge headband that I told  you guys about here. It’s been working out well! I’ve gotten 3-day hair! I’ll probably put it into a bun or something tomorrow, even though I think I still could get another day or two out of the set.)


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  1. So cute, if not for the fact that the hubby does all my workouts with me, I don’t know how I would stick to it all. He’s also training for the half marathin with me. I need to buy the headband cuz otherwise I have to retwist my hair every night.


  2. Awe! You two are so freaking cute!!

    Funny, I also tried out a product similar to your dry sweat edge headband (mine is a full bandana) and was surprised at how well it worked! It absorbed so well, for a moment I was wondering where the hell me sweat was going! lol 

    Keep up the hard work, Shelli!


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