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Project Scale Down: Day 14


He doesn't like to "work out."

Yea!!!!!  I made it to the halfway point of the 28 Day Challenge!! Wooh-hooh! Only 14 more days to go!

So, Wei and I were out and about all day and evening. On the way back home, he encouraged me that we only needed to do 10 minutes. We didn’t get in until 10:30, but I walked in the door and started changing into my exercise gear. He flopped on the bed. I said, “C’mon! Just 10 minutes!” And he obliged. It’s really a blessing to have someone who not only supports your goals, but actually helps you work towards achieving them … even when he/she isn’t too keen on some of the doing ;).

Day 14:

(I’ve been putting my hair in a pineapple using a Goody elastic headband wrapped twice, then throwing on my Dri Sweat Edge headband that I told  you guys about here. It’s been working out well! I’ve gotten 3-day hair! I’ll probably put it into a bun or something tomorrow, even though I think I still could get another day or two out of the set.)


Sofn’free at BET Honors


A couple of months ago, I was contacted by the Public Relations Director at Sofn’free, Lisa Sperling, about their GroHealthy line of products and plans to launch a new line specifically for natural hair. We’ve been in talks ever since and soon I’ll be sponsoring a giveaway for their new natural hair line, Sofn’free Nothing But

Well, get this! Lisa happened to be at the BET Honors this Saturday too and sent me a short e-mail and picture that I wanted to share with all of you! 


Beverly Kearney (honoree) and Will Williams (Director of Education and Product Development for Sofn'free).

Hi Shelli,

I was in D.C. this weekend too because of the BET Honors, but I didn’t attend the big event itself like you did. It sounds like quite a thrill.

I was at an event in conjunction with the BET Honors, the Black Opulence Gifting Suite set up for guests prior to the big event.  We gave a sneak peek of Sofn’free’s new Nothing But line.  We were lucky enough to have Honoree Beverly Kearney stop by and we had lots of fun meeting others who attended the awards event or were there to celebrate around it.

A little about Will Williams:

As Director of Education and New Product Development at M&M Products Company, Will has worked all over the world. He has styled practically every type and texture of natural hair. A recognized hair-care expert and Master Cosmetologist, he has won numerous industry competitions and worked with some the biggest names in the business, like Jheri Redding and John Paul Mitchell Systems. On behalf of M&M Products Company and its Sofn’free® branded products, he trains salon professionals and retail distributors in the United States, Europe, South America and Africa.

But if you ask Will, he’ll say his favorite thing to do is talk one-on-one with the person sitting in his chair. See, even after 30 years, Will is still madly in love with hair. From wild manes of glossy, defined curls to stunningly simple TWAs (Teenie Weenie Afros), Will has never met a curl he didn’t like  or one he didn’t know how to make look simply fabulous.


One last note, Beverly Kearney is a seven time National Championship winning track coach with an AMAZING story that I learned at the Honors. Her story was truly inspiring and her beauty and strength shone from the inside out. If you’d like to learn more about her story and triumph over a paralyzing spinal cord injury, click here!