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BET Honors


Just a quick post to share a couple pics from an event that I attended tonight as the site is starting to look like it’s a fitness blog instead of a hair blog!! It’s not, I promise!! LOL!!

Anywho, Wei and I attended the BET Honors and after party last night. The First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, made a surprise guest appearance! She was absolutely STUNNING!! Some of the honorees were Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee and Mariah Carey. It was fun. And, at the after party, I stood RIGHT NEXT to Jill Scott!! But, I didn’t say anything … and no, didn’t get any pictures. Wei works a lot of things like this and is often around performers, so he tells me certain events aren’t for pictures. The after party happened to be one of them. Oh well.

As to the hair, I did a TnC set on Friday night after my henna treatment. The only thing that I used to style it was Kimmaytube leave-in made with 2 tbsp Giovanni Direct Leave-In, 2 tbsp aloe vera juice and 2 tsp jojoba oil. I set it in 6 twists, 1 on each side of my face and 4 in the back. I secured the roots with large doobie pins and then rolled the twists to the roots on pink flexis. I fell asleep for a couple of hours with the bonnet dryer on Friday night. Then, I allowed them to dry all day until I released them at about 6 pm on Saturday. Do you know the jokers in the back had the nerve to still be dampish *smh*? Oh well, I was still pleased with the results! My hair feels really good and soft! So, it looks like, despite the trauma of the 20 hour Take Down, all is well. In fact, I think my hair feels even better than before I got the twists!

Okay, gotta go! Here are a couple more pics!

This is the RaVon convertible dress that I got on ideeli for $49!!


Project Scale Down: Day 13 & Run/Walk Treadmill Work-Out


Years ago … 2006 to be exact … I found this 20 minute treadmill run/walk hill workout in Fitness magazine. The article proclaimed that this 300-calorie burning routine would blast fat and calories and tone the lower body! So, I ripped it out of the magazine, folded and stuffed it into my iPod case so that I would always have it on me when I want a quick, but effective cardio session. Today was one of those days.

Day 13:

(Btw, my glutes are SO-OH-ORE from the Bob Harper routine yesterday. He had me lunging and squatting for real! *lol*)