The Take Down Continues: 11 Hours and Counting



The face says it all, doesn’t it?

On Tuesday night, I spent 5 1/2 hours taking out most of the twists in the back of my hair. It was horrendous, 2 bottles of spray detangler, EVOO, Aussie Moist … and nothing helped make it faster or easier. Last night, I “bathed” the remaining twists in EVOO, made 5 evenly sized big twists, donned two plastic caps, a shower cap and worked out for about 30 minutes for an improptu “steam.” I resumed the take down at 8:30 pm. I was up until to 2 am. It took me 5 1/2 hours to get through 2 section. There are 3 sections left. I am exhausted. Let the nightmare continue. Now, I think this may be The Worst Thing Ever. Okay, maybe not … I think I’ll still have hair after this is over. But this is traumatizing.  *sigh*

I’ll have a full run down next week.


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  1. Wow, so sorry that this is a task for you. This is one of the reasons I did micro braids onse, and that was enough. As you’ve realized patience is key.


  2. OMG!!! I feel your pain sis!! See that is why I try not to leave my twists/braids in past 3 weeks (hence the reason I steer clear of mini twists and add on hair styles) the take down is a problem. smh. I too have fine strands and regardless if I use the silkiest or softest hair or not it gets entangled and knotted in my fine strands. I learned that years ago in my mini fro days (stretched touched mid ear) . I ended up cutting most of my hair off and resorting to my old reliable curly fade. It was just too much. Now that my kinks are extremely long, I know the deal. As beautiful as they are, these styles just aren’t for me and my fragile tresses. And when I do decided to twist my (own) hair I only go but so small ( no smaller than a pencil) and I don’t go past 3 weeks. Good luck with that. I pray that you get through it with minimal damage as possible to your beautiful strands.


  3. Your look says it all. You look so sad. Don’t worry, its a minor setback. Take out those frickin twists and resume your regimen immediately. You have the information and the skills and your beautiful hair will forgive you. Stay strong Sis!


  4. Hey Shelli, I am sorry about the problems that you have encountering removing your twists. I, at one point, began to loc my hair with mini twists August 2010. I kept them like that until June 2011. I tried all of the methods from YouTube, but it seemed when I wet my hair or saturated it with conditioner, etc., it made it all the more difficult to remove. Remember I told you my hair has many personalities?! Any hoo, when I removed my mini twists/mini locs, I had more success removing them dry. Just lightly coating my fingertips with oil and the process was easy. I hope this helps.


  5. for what it’s worth, try using an oil mix called Love Potion No 9 by Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes. i’ve had tangles and mats the size of my knuckles literally slide apart after using in to detangle. better luck next time!


    • Thanks Sarah … unfortunately, it’s too late for that. But, I’ll check it out. Thing is, I didn’t really have a problem with my hair too much, it was the way that she twisted my hair into the extension hair. However, since I loved those twists so much, I’ll check Cipriana’s potion out. I follow her site from time to time and think I’ve seen her talking about it. But, don’t remember the ingredients. So thanks!!


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